Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falls days are almost here

I could feel it this morning in the air. Fall is around the corner :) That cool, crisp smell to the air. The light fog over the meadow. I had the strongest desire this morning to get in the car and drive to the mountains. Just drive around and smell the air. Go hiking and sit at some sidewalk cafe in Asheville and drink a coffee. This is my most favorite time of the year and nothing compares to it. Right now the big window in my office is torturing me with perfect blue skies and wispy white clouds. However its still a little too warm during the day. Stood in the sun for a few minutes and broke a sweat. But a couple more weeks and we are there. We are going to the beach in a couple weeks, wish it was the mountains but I know the air will smell delicious over there as well. I hope you are having a pleasant fall day as well :)

Losing a Pet

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