Friday, November 18, 2011

Argentina album

View Album - Argentina Trip 2011 If you have a couple hours to kill enjoy my 500+ photos :)

Videos de Argentina

So here we are back to the real world and back to work.  I finally finished uploading all the pictures and videos.  As soon as I'm done putting titles on the pictures I'll include a link to them.  As for the videos I'm putting them on here.  The first is from Cordoba at the Artesian Market they have every weekend, some "flamenco" dancers putting on a little show.

The next video is from the tango show we went to in Buenos Aires.  Sorry I didn't record the whole thing I thought they were done but then they danced for another two minutes.  At least you get the idea :)

 And last but not least saludos from the familia in Cordoba.  I have two more videos of the family but I didn't have the correct setting on my camera so they came out silent.  You can view them on my youtube channel though if you like

Well, that's it from Argentina.  Seems so long ago.  Till next time, ciao!

Friday, November 11, 2011


   So you probably wonder what we have been up to for the past week.  Saturday night we did go to the tango show.  We had to arrive early at 7:30 and I thought that was weird.  The reason being was because a tango lesson was included before dinner.  haha! Mike thought I did that on purpose but I really didn´t.  After our lesson we had dinner and then the show started at 10:30.  One forgets that Argentine tango is different from regular tango.  Alot more footwork and very intimate.  Here´s the best pic I have from the show.  Its hard to get a good picture.  Looks a lot better on the video I took.

 On Sunday we flew back to Cordoba and had lunch with Mike´s dad´s side of the family.  tio Orlando made us pollo al disco, I think that´s what its called.  Basically chicken soup cooked on the grill.  It was good but it was soooo hot on Sunday it was hard to eat alot of it.  Here´s one of the pics I have of the family. 
 After we left there we drove to Alta Gracia and first stop was to see Lukas and Paula.  Their new place is so cute.  I´m glad they have more room so the boys can run around.  After that we went and checked in at our b&b.  Here´s the front of it.
 I absolutley love staying here.  The owner, Sylvia, treats us so well and makes sure we are very comfy.  I told her my shoulder was hurting so on Monday she had her massage therapist come over and I had a massage at night on the patio.  It was very relaxing.  I actually fell asleep. haha!  Monday we spent sightseeing around town.  We went to the Che Gueverra musuem and did some shopping and eating, of course.  Tuesday we packed up and headed to Mendoza.  Along the way we stopped at Villa General Belgrano and did some quick sightseeing.  I must say in this pic its upsetting my head actually fits this cartoon cutout :p
 On our drive to Mendoza we hit a massive dust storm called a ´´viento zona´´.  There was also some lovely volcanic ash mixed in from the eruption in Chile.
 We arrived in Mendoza at night and there were no lights because the storm knocked down a bunch of trees so it was interesting trying to find the place we were staying.  The next day we rented some bikes from the owner and went wine tasting.  We hit up three wineries.  We would have gone to another but we rode right past it and didnt even notice, I think it was a good thing we didnt go, what do you think haha!  Here is the view of the Andes from one of the wineries.  It was a shame we were so close and couldn´t go.  It was another four hour drive to get there and we just couldn´t squeeze it in. 
 Mike enjoying his wine from Tempus Alba.  We also ate lunch here, Mike had a delicious steak and me and my mom had a too die for hamburger, it had prosciutto and an egg, delish with 6 french fries.  I asked for extra and they said they couldn´t do that. Really? You can´t put 6 more fries in the fryer.  Whateves, it was still good.
 The next day we went to a couple more wineries.  The first was called Trivento and their wine was gooooood and really strong.  Those are the only bottles we bought.  We went to another winery but it was too early for a tour so we went to the only beer garden in Mendoza for lunch.  Yes Eddie, I found beer in wine country hahah!  It was a refreshing break from all the wine and the way they decorated was a stitch!
 After that we went to the last winery which was okay, lot of history and very fancy but I didn´t care for the wine.  By that point I think I was tired of wine :)
That night the owner of where we were staying made us an asado.  It was actually quite good.  We had dinner with the other couple staying there from Holland.  They sure have traveled alot, we have to catch up.  Today we drove back to Cordoba and right now we are getting ready to go to tia Rosa´s house for our last asadaso.  I´m working up an appetite just thinking about it.  Okay tomorrow we leave bright and early (hopefully) for Santiago and then to Atlanta.  Here´s to hoping we make all our standby flights.  Ciao!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sorry I´ve been MIA.  Its been a hectic few days.  Tuesday we did go hiking in the Condor Park.  It was just as pretty as I remember it.  Unfortunatley we didn´t see any condors, sad face.  We got back that night and went to tia Rosa´s house to visit with her daughter Carla.  Wednesday we got up and went back to tia Rosa´s to see tia Pepa.  That was nice to meet Mike´s other aunt.  That afternoon we flew to Buenos Aires and got to the family Russo´s house around 7ish.  The next day we went to the airport to pick up my mom.  So weird seeing her down here in Argentina. heehee!  That day we went to el Caminito in la boca and did touristy stuff and later went for the tour of La Bombonera, I think I´m spelling that right.  Its where Argentina´s most famous soccer team, Boca Juniors, plays.  That evening we went to the meeting.  It was nice catching up with some old friends.  That evening I started not feeling well but we were already making plans to go to Uruguay.  That´s right folks, Uruguay.  Its right across the river =) so got up at the buttcrack of dawn and took the buquebus, or ferry, to Colonia.  From there we took the micro, bus, to Montevideo and met up with Bruno´s brother Leo.  He took us all over city central and I was so exhausted at the point and feeling really crappy.  I think I have the flu.  Got to his house and I went to bed.  Felt bad went all the way there and I couldn´t really socialize.  We had dinner and this morning got up early again to come back to Buenos Aires.  I´m feeling a little bit better today but still not 100%.  Got back to the house and took a long nap.  My being sick ruined our plans for today, we were going to take the big red tourist bus and go all over Buenos Aires and later shop at Calle Florida.  I feel bad because my mom is missing out but I´m just too weak and still a bit feverish.  So I´m resting till tonight because we have plans to go to a tango show and I´m not missing that for nothing.  Then tomorrow back to Cordoba.  Sorry there are no pics with this post but I think I´m going to go lay down again, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date.  Maybe next time I take an international trip I won´t get sick, this is starting to get annoying.

Monday, October 31, 2011


A Spanish or Latin-American turnover with a flaky crust and a spicy or sweet filling.
Its so nice to have one's luggage and wear fresh pants :)  I had the same jeans for 3 days.  Yesterday was quite the busy day.  We went to tia Lucia's house for an asado.  When we got there tio Orlando and his wife were already there.  Of course Orlando was fussing at Mike for not having called him to get a ride to Lucia's house instead of us taking a remi.  Tio Omar made the asado.  He kept cracking me up because everyone would be talking and he would say, escucha escucha!  Trying to get everyone to listen to him and of course they kept right on talking.  When we were done with lunch and drinking our espresso's Mike's other tia showed up, tia Maria and her daughter Carolina with her two kids.  So we got to see everyone briefly.  But there were other primos missing so this Sunday there is going to be a massive asado at tio Orlando's house.  I can't wait.  Here's a pic from yesterday's lunch
(l-r: orlando's wife, julietta, tia lucia, tia maria (back) me, mike, orlando, omar (back))

That evening I didn't feel like sitting at the house doing nothing so I convinced Mike to go downtown to the Artisan's fair.  Basically its a giant flea market.  Its the place to be on a Saturday or Sunday night.  People everywhere, selling food, trinkets, puppies, belts, leather products whatever you can think of and more.  They also have a little stage setup and there were people dancing and later on a kid's show.  After that we went to a restaurant called Alfonsina's.  Its a hip restaurant on the roof of a building.  We tried Quilmes Red Lager, our goal is try all the different Quilmes while we are down here.  So far all good.  Mike had an empanada criolla and I had an empanada de jamon y queso.  We also ordered a half pizza with roquefort cheese, yum!  To top it off I finally tried a caipirinha, let's just say it was strong!  

(me enjoying my Quilmes Red Lager)

Today we went out and tracked down different family members.  The first we could find at home was Tio Placido and his family.  We sat down and had a nice chat.  His daughter Laura was there, she runs a small convenience store in front of the house.  It was nice catching up with them.

(l-r: antonia, placido, mike, enrique and laura)

After that we caught a remis (a taxi service) to tio Angel's house in barrio Los Gigantes.  His wife Maria served us some empanadas arabes.  They were very good.  Angel insisted on driving us around to meet the other family members.  He drove us all the way out into the campo to see tio Daniel and his wife Maria.  Mike hadn't seen him in several years.  Out of his mom's family Mike resembles him the most.  We drank mate and ate pan casero.  It was nice and relaxing. 

(l-r: daniel, maria, mike, angel)

After we left Daniel's house we went by two more tia's houses but one is real sick and was at the clinic and the other wasn't home.  So tio Angel dropped us off at Lizi's house (where we are staying) and now we are getting ready to see tia Rosa again to eat more food.  Woohoo!  I leave you with this adorable picture of Lizi's little girl Flor.  So cute!

Tomorrow if we have ganas we are off to the Parque Quebrada de los Condoritos.  Since we didn't get to do the whole trail last time.  But only if we have ganas :) Ciao!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We made it!  Every single standby flight we got on and arrived all in the same day.  Only one drawback our bags didn't booo!  The plane was overweight and since our bags were the last to arrive they didn't make the last flight from Panama City to Cordoba :p  The nice COPA airlines representative told us they would arrive on the next flight the following day and they would send the bags to where we are staying bright and early Saturday morning.  Well its noon on Saturday and we still don't have our bags :(  Our friend Lizzie is on the phone trying to figure out what's going on.  Other than not having any clothes our trip has been pleasant so far.  Yesterday we had breakfast with Lizzie's mom and then went to visit Mike's tia Rosa.  We stopped at the grocery store to buy a few american things like cereal :)  I need more than a cookie and a piece of bread in the morning.  Last night we went back to tia Rosa's house to see tio Lencho (not sure if I'm sp his name right).  Mike got his lomo sandwich.  What that is a heart attack on a sandwich.  Its meat, ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, mustard I think that's it.  Anyways so that's all for now.  We'll mainly be visiting family this week so there may not be any updates for a few days.  And in regards to the title, there is a commercial down here for a supermarket and at the top of the screen its says VECINAAA! Which cracks me up because I imagine them saying it like GIRLFRIEND! check out these deals, haha! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

latest going ons

Sorry its been awhile since I posted, I have been just too lazy to post. Isn't that sad? Of course I don't think anyone has been missing my posts sooo there ya go, haha! So we went to the beach in the beginning of September. It was bittersweet. I really enjoyed it but it brought back memories from the last time we were there with my dad. Good memories, don't get me wrong. I just wish he we was still here to enjoy the beach with us, he loved it so.

We arrived on Wednesday evening at the beach house. Driving from Charlotte took for-eva! 6 hours all on backroads, no major interstate to get us there, boo! However we saw some pretty country roads along the way. We took ms. leela with us to the beach and she just loved. Mike spent most of the time fishing, poor guy, he only got a couple of fish on the next to last day. He spoke with a few of the local fishermen and they said the best time for bluefish is in October. So we were there too early since it was only September. Early Friday morning my mom and Thumper arrived. She was exhausted from her drive, so she ate breakfast and took a nap. She joined us at the beach later. Saturday morning Eddie got there sans Agustinque. They decided last minute to stay home which kinda sucked since I was looking forward to everyone being down but maybe next time :) That night we had crab legs with clarified butter (thank you eddie for making that butter) and potato soup and fruit salad for dessert. Was stuffed on crab legs after that. That night we took a moonlit walk on the beach. Sunday we drove out to one of the lighthouses but got there too late so just drove back into town and ate dinner at Mosquitos before Eddie headed home. We actually made s'mores at the table, how cool. Monday we packed up and headed home. All in all a nice relaxing time but I was ready to come home.

I'm trying to remember the rest of the month but its all a blur. Work is good. Everyday is getting better, they are giving me more responsibilities. Still a lot to learn though. Being busy with animals all day defin makes the days go by fast! Mike's sister, brother-in-law and our niece came down on their way to Florida. It was nice to see them, I wish they could've stayed longer.

Right now we are gearing up for Argentina. We are leaving in a little less than a week. Its coming up real fast and I feel so unprepared. But I know once we get down there it'll be fine. I'm really looking forward to the trip. It'll be nice to see Mike's family and then go siteseeing around the country. I can't wait. I'll try to keep everyone updated of our goings on while we are down there. So I hope everyone else is doing good. I'm sorry for this rambling post, I'm having trouble gathering my thoughts right now, I think I'm getting sick (practically all my co-workers have the flu or had the flu). Here's some pics till next time. Cya soon! 

One of the many pier pics I took

Thumper pretending he is either a wookie or an ewok

My mom all tuckered out
 One of my fave pics of Mike and Leela
 Enjoying our crab dinner
 Trying to look cool, fail! haha!
 Eddie showing off his table s'mores
 Just before we left the beach, one last pic with my mum
 Me and baby Patricia (I bought her the tutu, b/c all girls should wear tutus heehee!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sorry nothing new to post. I spent most of the month setting up the house and organizing everything the way I want it. I was also looking for a job and was beginning to despair. Didn't think I would ever find anything then Banfield emailed me for a group interview. I was like okay whatever they aren't going to hire me because I have no qualifications as a veterinary assistant. The group interview was interesting to say the least. Asked us questions, filled out a questionnaire that had weird questions like What's your motto? Really? I don't know. Then a couple days later they called me for one on one interview. I was like wow! This may be going somewhere. Well I aced the one on one and they hired me on the spot. Started on Monday. They just throw you right in there, had me running bloodwork my first hour. Reading fecals two hours later. By Wednesday I was holding animals and shadowing people into the rooms. I have orientation in two weeks and tons of stuff to learn and memorize. I'm really excited and quite enjoying it. If all goes well in the spring I'll enroll in San Juan College and start working towards my Veterinary Technician certificate and possibly degree. Who would've thunk moving to Charlotte would bring about a complete work change. A change that I'm very excited about it.

As far as travel we are going to the beach next week, can't wait. The whole family will be down on the weekend its going to be so fun. The next trip after that is Argentina in November. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

month of travel

So July was a very busy month for us. I never flew so much in my life! The first weekend of July we decided to get away just the two of us and flew to Miami. We have a good friend who let us crash at her apartment for the weekend. We just took it easy didn't have much of an agenda.

Saturday we went to the beach and hung out with some new friends.

Sunday we drove down to Key West. Boy let me tell you, it was soo hot! I've never been that hot in my life. I had sweat rolling down my back and my underwear was soaked (I know TMI but that's how bad it was).

But it was nice and I'm glad we went.

Two weeks later we had our assembly in Winston-Salem. It was very refreshing and much needed spiritual encouragement. I especially liked the audio drama on Friday and the symposium on Sunday. I need to get my notes out and go over the information to keep it fresh in my memory.

Wednesday following the assembly we flew out to Las Vegas for our annual family get together. Always a good time to be had :) That night we went to the Venetian and saw Rita Rudner. She was very funny. Thursday Mike hung out with the boys and I was with my aunt Nancy. It was nice to just chill. Friday we were tourists and went to the Pawn Stars pawn shop near the strip. We had to actually wait in line to go in the store.

I didn't think it would be that popular. But twas fun and we saw one of the "stars" from the show, Rick. I didn't think to take a picture of him, oh well. We also had foot massages in Chinatown.

I could tell Eddie and my mom got really good massages, my guy was like yah whatever. Oh well $20 down the drain :p After that we went to our fave bar in Vegas at the Venetian. I don't know what it is but we love that place.

The bartender made me a drink called a chocolate cake, not a shot but a drink. It tasted just like chocolate batter it was sooo good. After that we went home and bummed around the house till about 8pm and went to the yard house. I had been dying to go there ever since I saw pics of my cousins there, I was so envious.
(you may notice Mike isn't in the pic, that's because I couldn't wake him up from his nap :)
So I got my 1/2 yard beer, delish! Saturday we went hiking at Mt. Zion National Park. It was really pretty, I wish we had more time.

Sunday it was family day and Monique made her famous nachos. Stuffed my self silly on those nachos. I've already requested her to make them when we go to the beach next month ;)

So though Vegas would be our last trip but then on Sunday July 31st Mike's sister called and said she was in labor. So we flew up to PA to be with her, of course we arrived after the baby was born, darn those delays! She is adorable! 7 lbs 2 oz, Patricia Myrnalucia.

So we arrived home yesterday and I am ready to stay put till we go to the beach. So that was our busy month of July. I wonder what the rest of the year holds?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

funny or die

So I was on LOLcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats (yes I am a crazy cat person) and this video was on there and it was just too funny not post. Its from funny or die and it was very funny. Enjoy ladies!

p.s. and yes that's Matt Dallas from Kyle XY at the end. I <3 him and his forehead acting abilities haha!

Monday, June 20, 2011

recent going ons

So let's see what has been going on the past few months. Moving like a madwoman. So glad that is finally behind us. Sorting, cleaning, packing, unpacking, more cleaning, arghhh!!! Just to give you an idea here's a pic from the yard sale we had (and this is just a small portion of our stuff, there was more inside that sold too)

We bought a house (see previous post). Went to an awesome party at Nat's. Here's the best pic of me and amby

Most recently we were in the husband's old stomping grounds, Easton PA. We went up for his sister's baby shower. She's now 7 months along. Hitting the homestretch. Some pics from our trip

(for the record it was raining hence my large bouffant hair)

Mike and his sister :)

So that's about all we have been up to. But in the next several months we have some trips planned. Probably going to Miami in a couple weeks, then we have the assembly mid-July, right after that we are off to Vegas to visit with the fam. September we are going to the beach for a few days. Then the big trip will be in November when we go to Argentina. So going to be busy the next several months. I'll keep you all posted.

our home

So I'm finally putting up pictures of our home. I don't have pictures of all the rooms but this will give you a good idea. First a picture of the house itself

and the back

living room

breakfast nook w/out table

our kitchen w/new countertops:)

bad picture of dining area, sorry :(

and our backyard

On the second floor is the master bedroom, 2 guestrooms and a bonus room. I don't have any pictures of upstairs maybe another time or you can just come down and visit us too.
Ya'll come back, ya here!

Monday, June 13, 2011


So I don't watch much snl these days because I just don't find it that funny. But this past saturday I was up late and decided to watch. Most of it was mediocre but this clip had me rolling.

I've been cracking up over it since Saturday. I'll just start laughing to myself. So decided to share this with everyone else so you can laugh too. Have a good Monday :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what's new pussycat?

Sorry if I have been MIA. Not that anyone noticed :p haha! Things have been hectic lately. The second week of March Mike found out he finally got his transfer to CLT. So we immediately went down to look for a house. We closed on April 20th and moved in that weekend. Then we had CO visit last week so this weekend I'm going down to finish unpacking. Its crazy to think we are homeowners! Such an adult thing for us to do ha! Mike is loving it down there. As soon as I find a job I'll be going down. I have been applying to jobs like crazy. I have an interview on Thursday but I'm not that excited about it since I don't think it will be enough hours or pay, boo, but vamos a ver. I'm also looking at animal hospitals and clinics. Hoping to work in a veterinary clinic, that would be my dream job, but alas I have no experience and they seem to want that. What I want to know is how are you supposed to get experience in a field if no one will hire you, hmmm? Anyways, I'll post again with pics of the house, should get most everything set up this weekend, its sooo fun!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

thinking and wishing...

I was anywhere right now. We went out of town last weekend for the circuit assembly. It was so nice to get away and be refreshed. Now back at work and already thinking about when I'll go out of town again. We have several mini-trips planned and one major trip planned at the end of the year. The first one coming up will be the first week of May. For our anniversary this year we are going up to NY and PA. Going to visit my cousin in Patterson and hopefully go to family worship night. Also, hoping to see some friends from NY, Roni & Rich. They always have the best things planned :) Then off to see my in-laws. By May my SIL should be very preggers, can't wait to touch that belly, yay! Then next mini-trip will be in July after the district assembly. Going out to Vegas for a 4 or 5 day weekend. Prob just chill but we may take in a show, Phantom of the Opera anyone? Let's see, I can't think of any other little trips at the moment, prob go to the beach, mtns, Charlotte. But usually those are weekend getaways so they don't count :p The big trip is in October/November. 3 weeks in Argentina! Mike has been saving since last year for this trip. We will visit his family of course but we hope to go down to Bariloche. To get an idea of the area check out Living in Patagonia. It looks absolutely gorgeous down there. I wanted to go last time but we couldn't squeeze it in. You have to remember Argentina is a huge country so getting from Cordoba to Bariloche one has to fly. So that's my plans for this year. Happy trekking!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

exciting news

Going to be an aunty soon! Mike's sister is 4 months pregnant. She sent me the latest sonogram pictures and video. Its the neatest thing seeing the baby kicking in her stomach. Its amazing the amount of detail the sonogram shows. Hopefully her and her husband will be coming down in March but if not me and Mike are going up in May. Can't wait to rub the pregnant belly, whether she likes it or not heehee!

Friday, February 4, 2011


We are having dad's memorial service on Saturday. The only way I can describe this whole process is surreal. My mom has been crying a lot. I try to comfort her but I know its not the same. She wants her husband to be here. I've been handling various details of the service and all the arrangements that need to be done. I keep thinking he's at the store or sleeping in his room and that I'll see him later. It's like I have this strange disconnect. I'm sad he's gone and I miss him terribly but I'm not crying like people expect me too. They hug me real tight and ask how I'm doing and hold my hands and wait for me to cry uncontrollably. I tell them I'm fine and I know he's resting and no longer suffering. And that's it. No tears. No sobbing. Sometimes I think something is broken inside of me. But the other day when I was at the movies I got super sad and depressed. I knew I wouldn't see my dad later and be able to tell him all about the movie. Then yesterday I passed a restaurant the two of us had lunch at and I got sad remembering the good times. I cried a little bit about the lunches we won't have together anymore. Then today I put together a slideshow of his life that we will be showing at the service. It made me happy to see all the things he did in his life and how happy he had been. I got teary eyed seeing the pictures of me and him when I was a baby. He was such a proud poppa. I've read various sites and they say everyone grieves differently. For some, who don't openly cry at first sometime down the road they do finally breakdown. I just wonder if that will happen to me. Whatever the case may be I miss my dad terribly and I can't wait to see him again.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


The day I have been dreading since May has finally come. My dad passed away this afternoon around 3:30pm. I'm so grateful for the time we had together. 30 years is too short of time but we made the best of it. I have so many wonderful memories and lots of pictures and homevideos. I think it still hasn't quite sunk in. I've cried some but haven't had a complete meltdown yet. I'm going to miss him most when I have a question and he always knew the answer. No matter what it was, scriptural, life, science he seemed to know it all. He told the best stories. He was such a rascal growing up. I like the one when his dad bought a new car and it had a cigarette lighter. My dad thought it was the neatest thing cause it burned perfect circles on the seat upholstery. He swiss cheesed burns all over the front seat. Or the time he was fire bombing some ants in an old tree in the backyard and he burned the lawn to a crisp. So he mowed the lawn on the side of the house and threw the cuttings on the burnt lawn to cover it up, haha! I'm going to cherish those memories. I loved him so much and he will be sorely missed. But he is finally at peace and no longer suffering. Towards the end it wasn't even him anymore. He did come to for a short time on Thursday and said goodbye to all of us. We told him goodbye and that we loved him so much. I look forward to the day we can meet again and he'll be able to walk and talk. We'll have so much catching up to do. We'll have all the time in the world :) I'm going to miss you pops

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

life is hard

I knew growing up meant more responsibilities. I assumed this meant paying bills :p Life was going along on just fine then bam out of nowhere my dad gets sick. Real sick. Turns out he has stage IV liver cancer. We've known since May. We were hopeful about an operation in July but it didn't work. I've known we've been living on borrowed time. On December 26th dad got real sick and I just knew our time was up. He was in the hospital a week and we brought him home. He's been on hospice ever since. It's been hard. He kept thinking this was like the other times, he would get his energy back up and be back to his routine. He didn't understand he couldn't walk anymore. When if finally hit him it broke my heart. He looked so sad. Its the middle of January now and he's declining fast. We can barely sit him up in bed. He eats and drinks very little. He doesn't know where he is and accuses us of keeping him here. Other times he's lucid and knows exactly what's going on. Its killing me to see my hero, my dad, dying from such an awful disease. He taught me so much and for that I'm so grateful. I wish I had more time with him. Mike, lost both his parents to cancer so he understands what I'm going through. He's there for me and that means so much but I know its super hard on him. My mom is going to fall apart. My dad is her life. They've been married 41 years. Her best friend, confidant, soul mate will be gone and I don't know how she will react. We know this isn't the end. We will see him again in paradise. It just hurts that he won't be around. That him and my mom won't grow old together and that he won't see his grandchildren born. But he won't be in no more pain. He can finally rest. I have a hard time talking about how I feel. The right words never seem to come out. This post is probably all jumbled sounding but that's how I feel inside. I don't know what the future holds, I can't plan that far ahead. I've never been one to think way into the future. Short term goals are my thing. It doesn't mean I'm not thinking how my life, our lives, are going to be but I can't make decisions about those questions yet. Right now my focus is on my dad. Dad I love you so much.

Losing a Pet

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