Monday, July 13, 2015

Two weeks home

This is what its like to have two kids.  Its interesting.  Not too hard but mainly because baby just eats and sleeps.  So he's pretty low maintenance.  It's amazing I forgot what newborns are like, I mean I remember the no sleep at night but its one thing to remember and one thing to live it.  lol!  Roman has taken really well to being a big brother.  He's very gentle around Dominic, loves to give him kisses and wants to hold him.  Of course, Roman wants to sit with us if we are holding Dominic, but that's to be expected.  One big, dogpile of kids. My only concern is I don't want Roman to be bored being home all day because of the baby.  So trying to keep him busy.  I know the doctor says keep the baby home for 4-6 weeks but ugh, hard to do when you have a toddler.  So we've run errands, I dropped in and visited Janell yesterday.  We are heading back to meetings next week.  So that should be fun. Dominic will be 3 weeks so he should have some sort of immune system built up by then, right?

Per usual I can't believe its already been two weeks.  We waited forever for the little guy to get here and now he's been here a whole two weeks. Time flies.  On that note, Roman is 21 months and 2 weeks.  Now that Dominic is here Roman looks so big.  People always told me he was big but I couldn't tell.  He's into everything, his new thing jumping off the couch.  I don't know where he learned that, thinks he's superman, he really leaps off.  Talking all the time.  Still a lot of gibberish but sometimes I can figure out what he means.  He says Hello, Bye Bye, Soap, Lets See Now, Daddy, umm a few other words.  He'll repeat words too when I tell him.  I ask him what does the monkey say and he goes "oooh oooh ahh ahhh".  So cute.  My mom has been taking Roman with her to the meetings since we've been home with the baby.  She says he's doing really good sitting with her.  We will see how he does with us when we go back next week.  Seems like kids always do better with someone else.  I'm looking forward to the Regional Convention, its a few weeks away.

All in all, I think we are doing good.  Mike really helps out with Roman and cleaning around the house.  Since he can't really do much with Dominic right now.  Plus having my mom here is a big help as well.  That about brings us up to date.  Till next time kiddos.

Faces of Dominic

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dominic's D-Day

Well, mister Dominic has been here a little over two weeks.  I really thought he was going to come early.  Then once my due date passed I figured he would be like Roman a couple days late.  But time kept on dragging and he literally made no moves to get out.  I never felt contractions, braxton hicks, nothing.  He just chilled in my tummy and kept getting bigger and bigger.  So when my doctor scheduled an induction for ten days past due I was like I won't get that far along, yah right.  So here's Mr. Dominic's birth story.

I woke up Monday, June 22nd very nervous.  I read online about inductions and some people said they hurt worse, the labor dragged on forever and a lot of times they end in c-sections since the baby gets distressed.  I had to stop reading because the stories were stressing me out.  Also, getting stressed because the baby wasn't moving as much as before but since there was very little space in there that made sense.  We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am.  This time we signed in, the nurse took us to my room and got me all hooked up on the machines.  Surprisingly she told me once I was hooked up that I was having regular contractions.  They were so mild I couldn't even feel them.  So she started me on pitocin to pick things up around 9:00am.  I tell you what I was having a pretty good morning.  Joking around with the nurse, talking to Mike.  At 11:30 my mom and Sharon arrived.  We were all having a good ol' time catching up.  Meanwhile the nurse keeps turning up my dose every 1/2 hour.  Finally at 1:30 I started feeling the contractions.  At 2:00 I had to ask the nurse to give me some pain meds.  No more joking around anymore, time to get serious.  Even though I was still able to hold a conversation in between contractions.  Then at 3:00 all bets were off, all I can focus on is the pain and I'm telling my new nurse (the really nice one had a shift change, so I got this non friendly one, who I really didn't like.  I told Mike after I get the epidural to ask for a new nurse but...) that I need an epidural.  So she goes about ordering it and getting the Doctor up there to administer the dose, shot, needle or whatever you call it.  He was really nice compared the brute I had with Roman.  As soon as he is done, I swear I have to go the bathroom.  I'm still in pain, and this urge is unreal.  Finally the nurse checks me and is like, oh, you are fully dilated.  Well lady, maybe you should've checked before I got the epidural.  So they bring this whole team in.  Because when my doctor broke my water earlier they detected meconium so the baby was going to have to be checked right away and have his airways cleared so he didn't aspirate it into his lungs.  This was a bummer for Mike because once again he couldn't cut the cord.  They had me start pushing right away.  Now because I got the epidural so late I wasn't completely numb, I couldn't feel the contractions but I could definitely feel the baby and all that wonderful pain.  This time I actually was yelling, Mike said I told the  nurses and doctor to just pull the baby out.  I mean he was right there why couldn't they pull him out?  Right?  So a quick 30 minutes of pushing and he was out at 4:51pm.  Just like Roman he had the cord wrapped around his neck.  I don't know what's up with my kids doing that.  Such a relief to finally get him out.  While they are working on him the doctor is checking on me.  My placenta didn't want to detach so when it finally came out I was bleeding really bad and had massive clots.  I had to go on antibiotics to make sure I didn't get an infection.  So that was it, Mr. Dominic's birth story.  The induction wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and other than getting an unnecessary epidural it went really well. Here some pictures from that day.

Before gong to the hospital

So tired

Proud papa

9.4 lbs, 22 1/2 inches long

Welcome to the world, little boy, we love you.

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