Monday, December 7, 2015

Nighttime Blues

Its been just a little over a week since Roman figured out how to get out of his crib.  It was so cute, I hear a light thump and a door opening and closing and then he comes in our room all happy.  So we put him back and he was out before we could even get back into our bedroom.  Tried lowering his bed to the lowest setting but he was like, whatev's I got this now.  He could get in and out.  The first night we gave up and let him sleep with us.

The next day I went to Ikea and bought a toddler rail.  When I got home I took off the front crib rail, really was no point seeing as he could get out.  He thought it was the coolest thing he could just climb in bed with no big rail blocking him.  I was hoping he would be so fascinated he would stay in his room that night.  Nope!  We tried several times putting him back in his room and amidst all the tears he finally went to his grandma's room and climbed in bed with her.  So he slept there the second night.  Tuesday night he miraculously fell asleep when Mike was reading him a story.  We weren't so fortunate Wednesday night, he went to bed crying.  Thursday was the turning point.  Mike was working late so I had to get him to bed.  We did our usual routine, bath, story, prayer and into bed we go.  I also talked to him, told him he had to stay in his bed, we each have our own bedrooms etc. etc. Of course he starts crying as I am about to leave, mind you he used to love going to bed before he figured out how to get out of the crib.  Bedtime was super easy back then.  So I left his room and held the door closed.  It was the most awful feeling, I had to fight back tears as he was screaming and hollering on the other side of the door.  It felt like an eternity but maybe only lasted 15-20 minutes.  I heard him finally go lie down in his bed and go to sleep.  I felt like I was torturing my baby but I knew it was for his own good in the long run.

Since then its gotten a little better.  Same bedtime routine and he only cries for a minute then goes to sleep.  Last night I was putting him to bed and he was trying to reason with me.  He was sitting up in bed and I said, "Roman you need to go to sleep so we can do all these fun things tomorrow." Roman says, "Why?" Me, "Well if you don't go to sleep it won't be tomorrow." Roman says, "Why?". lol!  Oh my goodness, the why's have started already.  Fun side note, when Roman calls me I respond by saying, what? He then repeats my what, even when we are asking him to do something.  What?  I need to capture all these moments on camera they are hilarious.

If its not one kid not wanting to sleep its another.  Let's hope this phase passes quickly.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost December...

Well November sort of blew by, didn't it?  Honestly if you ask me what I've done so far this month I couldn't tell ya.  Probably snuggling with my babies, taking them outside to enjoy Jehovah's creation, and watching lots of Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  All of us know how to do the hot dog dance.

The boys keep on growing.  Roman's vocabulary is growing but the only new words I can think of right now are "saucy" for sausage (he has to have his sausage every morning), "wawee" for water, "mickey", "toys", and "Buzz" from Toy Story.  He has so much energy.  Even this past week with a cold he keeps right on going.  We went to a congregation gathering the other week and Roman was all over the place.  Playing with the balls, running around the yard, rolling down the family's garden embankment (at least there was one other little boy rolling down the hill too so I didn't feel so bad).  People kept telling me "He's all boy" and then give this knowing look.  I'm like yep, but what I think they were really saying, "Are you going to get a hold of your kid, he's all over the place."  But hey, guess what, he's two and not hurting anyone, just running around having fun.  And not to burst their bubble, but I was the exact same way at two.  Did people used to tell my mom, "She's all girl."  I doubt it.  I don't know that just annoyed me after awhile.  But I digress.  I'm taking the boys to a music class in a couple weeks.  Its for ages 0-7 years.  Roman really has a musical interest so I don't want him to lose that curiosity.  He takes my dad's guitar and likes to strum the strings.  And I know I've said it before, but we are going to try potty training again next week.  We are all off for the whole week so I think this will be the best time.  Course if it proves too traumatic we'll just wait till another time.  Roman does let us know when he's gone the bathroom in his diaper its just a matter of making him go in the toilet.  Fun Fun!

Dominic is growing right along.  He'll be 5 months on Sunday!  Just insane.  He's very aware of his surroundings, he likes to grab his teething toys and put them in his mouth.  He's an expert roller now as well.  No more leaving him on the bed by himself.  If I sit him down, he'll sit for a few seconds then usually falls forward.  He's also taking naps in the crib so that means I will be moving him into his crib full time.  Sad but I'll finally be able to rollover in bed again instead of lying there like a log all night.  When he was born he had a head tilt to the right from being squished in my womb.  We've been doing exercises and its a little better but his doctor recommended him to get Physical Therapy.  He'll be starting at the end of the month.  And he definitely has "mamitis", he'll be fussing with Mike or my mom and as soon as I get him he's perfectly happy.  He's going to be mama's boy because Roman could seriously care less about me sometimes.  I'll be leaving and he's all "bye" Felicia.  Course I wonder where he got that from, probably me, ha!

So that's a little update on our family.  Next month my sister in law is coming down with the kids for a week so that'll be fun.  That is if we don't all go crazy with 4 kids under 5 in the house. Till next time, ya'll have a Hot Dog Day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My big boy is 2!

Wow, just wow! I can not believe Roman is two.  I distinctly remember being excited and giddy to meet him when I was pregnant.  Those first few months just drinking him in and enjoying every minute.  Then I blinked and he was one and we were expecting another baby.  I blinked again and he was two.  Now that he is two, he is learning new things every day and testing his boundaries.  His vocabulary is growing even though he is perfectly content to hold a conversation in gibberish.  At night before bed he'll sit on your lap and just "talk" about stuff.  I'm not sure if he is telling me about his day or that he is scared of the boogeyman because he keeps pointing at the door.  Either way, its super cute.  Also, some nights after we put him to bed we can hear him talking to himself.  Its not right away either, it'll be 30 minutes later.  Last night he was talking and singing for almost an hour before he fell asleep.  I had to record him so I don't forget.  Here's a sample from last night.

Roman understands us when we are talking to him.  When he's done eating we tell him to pick up the food he threw on the floor and he'll pick it up and throw it in the trash.  If we ask him if he is hungry he'll say "eat" and point to the table.  Or if he's not hungry he just shakes his head and keeps playing.  When he's thirsty he says "choose" for juice.  Not be confused with "shoes" when he wants to go out.  He says "cook" for cookies.  Umm, what else, "chess" for cheese.  He says "fruit" well.  I can't remember how he says milk but he does say it.  He calls Leela, "La" and Dominic "babeee".  He also loves giving his brother a kiss on the forehead or giving him his paci or a blanket.  He's good about giving us big, sloppy kisses as well.  He loves to say "buh bye".  Even when he is throwing his diaper in the trash he'll tell it "buh bye".  Oh and like I mentioned the other week on Facebook, he says "no" and "mine".  Usually combined, "no, mine".  haha!  It sounds so cute in his little voice. 

But its not all roses.  Sometimes he tests are patience with his independent streak.  You tell him not to do something and he gives you a look and does it anyways.  Kinda like this cat

At the meetings he doesn't want to sit still for nothing.  So if you see us at the meeting and he's sitting on the floor playing with his books, please don't judge us.  We just need a break. We are trying.  Some days are better and he'll be good and sit there or fall asleep.  Those are the best days.  haha!  We'll get there eventually.  Parents with older kids constantly tell us that'll pass.

But even when he's being stubborn or falling out cause he didn't get his way, I wouldn't change it for the world.  When he came into our life, my heart grew by loving this little human.  I look forward to our journey and just taking it one day at a time.

Love you little man.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Children 2.0

Ok, I am woefully behind on updating my blog. Sorry my loyal fans, life has gotten in the way.  How rude, right?  But I digress.  Everything has been going really well on the home front.  It was a bit of an adjustment having a toddler and a newborn.  But now that two and half months have gone by I feel pretty good and have a good rhythm going with them.  I won't see routine cause every day is different but we are doing well.

In the  beginning if felt like Dominic was up all night, every night.  I'm sure it only lasted a couple weeks but it felt like forever.  I was having major sleep deprivation and Mike had to go to back to work, so the beginning was a bit of a fog.  Now though, he's sleeping 5-6 hours at night, which is awesome and he's super chill.  He's totally cool with us putting in him his bouncer or swing and just hanging out while we get stuff done.  He is a very happy baby, since the beginning he's been smiling at us (and its not gas).  He loves to coo and talk, I try to record it but everytime I get the camera out he stops and just stares at it.  Last week he discovered he can grab his feet, so that's his new thing just holding on to them.  That is when he's not kicking like crazy.  I think that's why his legs aren't getting super chunky because of his constant kicking, haha!  He also takes a pacifier which is amazing!  Its amazing because Roman never took one so if he was fussing there was only one way to calm him down.  Which Dominic, its like here ya go!  Also, in case you don't follow me on Instagram, Dominic is a very big baby.  With Roman it felt like I was carrying a sack of flour, just so heavy and compact but Dominic is long and heavy.  He's too hard to hold with one arm, always have to use both.  Last checkup a couple weeks ago he weighed in at 14.5 lbs and 25 inches long.  So he's coming right along.  He's already trying to rollover, he's does a half turn onto his side.  He needs to slow it on down.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment with this baby since we are 99.9% sure we aren't having anymore (I say 99.9% because nothing is 100% in life).

So Mr. Roman is almost 2 years old! Yikes!  He is just a ball of energy.  If we don't make him take a nap he'll just go go go.  And when I say go, I mean go! AND FAST!  When we go out we usually keep him in the stroller or if we are doing a lot of walking he has a bear backpack leash.  Now I see some people judging us and giving us looks but they don't know.  I want to say, hey do you want to chase him through a crowded sidewalk or into a busy intersection?  When we are at home he knows not to cross the street and to hold our hands but out in public all bets are off.  He's talking a lot more, he still does mainly gibberish but he's very expressive and gestures a lot so we usually can figure out if he wants something.  He understands everything we say, if we tell him to get something or throw something away he knows exactly what we are saying.  His new favorite thing to say is "Did ya poop?" which sometimes sounds like "Ze poop?".  So anytime someone passes gas he'll ask, "Did ya poop?".  Its hilarious.  He says, book, shoe, stuck, yuck, jet, more, done, mom, stick, daddy, zeta and a host of other words which I can't think of right now.  His new favorite fruit is watermelon and he still loves beans and rice.  Broccoli is hit or miss with him now.  We are trying to get Roman out there to experience new things.  He loves the beach but isn't so sure about the ocean yet. He's perfectly content to sit and play in the sand.  He likes the pool but it takes him a few minutes to warm up to the idea.  I took him to a splash pad the other week and I had to physically put him in the middle in order for him to try it out and not be scared.  We went to a baseball game and he did not like the fireworks at the end one bit.  He held onto Mike and kept his head buried.  On the other hand, he loves flying.  We just went to Chicago and he was like whatever no big deal.  I took him on the kids train at the mall and he thought it was a hoot.  Choo choo as he calls it.  Meetings are still a struggle, he's slightly better but still likes to cause a ruckus.  He's a work in progress but we love him to the moon and back, our little munchkin. 

So that about brings you up to date on the Regina household.  Hope everyone else had a great summer, so until next time here's some photos to hold you over.
At the beach, riding the choo choo and face off with Micah, lol

Service with daddy, checking out the jets

Dominic's motto "I love to sleep"

Happy baby and fireworks don't scare him

Monday, July 13, 2015

Two weeks home

This is what its like to have two kids.  Its interesting.  Not too hard but mainly because baby just eats and sleeps.  So he's pretty low maintenance.  It's amazing I forgot what newborns are like, I mean I remember the no sleep at night but its one thing to remember and one thing to live it.  lol!  Roman has taken really well to being a big brother.  He's very gentle around Dominic, loves to give him kisses and wants to hold him.  Of course, Roman wants to sit with us if we are holding Dominic, but that's to be expected.  One big, dogpile of kids. My only concern is I don't want Roman to be bored being home all day because of the baby.  So trying to keep him busy.  I know the doctor says keep the baby home for 4-6 weeks but ugh, hard to do when you have a toddler.  So we've run errands, I dropped in and visited Janell yesterday.  We are heading back to meetings next week.  So that should be fun. Dominic will be 3 weeks so he should have some sort of immune system built up by then, right?

Per usual I can't believe its already been two weeks.  We waited forever for the little guy to get here and now he's been here a whole two weeks. Time flies.  On that note, Roman is 21 months and 2 weeks.  Now that Dominic is here Roman looks so big.  People always told me he was big but I couldn't tell.  He's into everything, his new thing jumping off the couch.  I don't know where he learned that, thinks he's superman, he really leaps off.  Talking all the time.  Still a lot of gibberish but sometimes I can figure out what he means.  He says Hello, Bye Bye, Soap, Lets See Now, Daddy, umm a few other words.  He'll repeat words too when I tell him.  I ask him what does the monkey say and he goes "oooh oooh ahh ahhh".  So cute.  My mom has been taking Roman with her to the meetings since we've been home with the baby.  She says he's doing really good sitting with her.  We will see how he does with us when we go back next week.  Seems like kids always do better with someone else.  I'm looking forward to the Regional Convention, its a few weeks away.

All in all, I think we are doing good.  Mike really helps out with Roman and cleaning around the house.  Since he can't really do much with Dominic right now.  Plus having my mom here is a big help as well.  That about brings us up to date.  Till next time kiddos.

Faces of Dominic

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dominic's D-Day

Well, mister Dominic has been here a little over two weeks.  I really thought he was going to come early.  Then once my due date passed I figured he would be like Roman a couple days late.  But time kept on dragging and he literally made no moves to get out.  I never felt contractions, braxton hicks, nothing.  He just chilled in my tummy and kept getting bigger and bigger.  So when my doctor scheduled an induction for ten days past due I was like I won't get that far along, yah right.  So here's Mr. Dominic's birth story.

I woke up Monday, June 22nd very nervous.  I read online about inductions and some people said they hurt worse, the labor dragged on forever and a lot of times they end in c-sections since the baby gets distressed.  I had to stop reading because the stories were stressing me out.  Also, getting stressed because the baby wasn't moving as much as before but since there was very little space in there that made sense.  We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am.  This time we signed in, the nurse took us to my room and got me all hooked up on the machines.  Surprisingly she told me once I was hooked up that I was having regular contractions.  They were so mild I couldn't even feel them.  So she started me on pitocin to pick things up around 9:00am.  I tell you what I was having a pretty good morning.  Joking around with the nurse, talking to Mike.  At 11:30 my mom and Sharon arrived.  We were all having a good ol' time catching up.  Meanwhile the nurse keeps turning up my dose every 1/2 hour.  Finally at 1:30 I started feeling the contractions.  At 2:00 I had to ask the nurse to give me some pain meds.  No more joking around anymore, time to get serious.  Even though I was still able to hold a conversation in between contractions.  Then at 3:00 all bets were off, all I can focus on is the pain and I'm telling my new nurse (the really nice one had a shift change, so I got this non friendly one, who I really didn't like.  I told Mike after I get the epidural to ask for a new nurse but...) that I need an epidural.  So she goes about ordering it and getting the Doctor up there to administer the dose, shot, needle or whatever you call it.  He was really nice compared the brute I had with Roman.  As soon as he is done, I swear I have to go the bathroom.  I'm still in pain, and this urge is unreal.  Finally the nurse checks me and is like, oh, you are fully dilated.  Well lady, maybe you should've checked before I got the epidural.  So they bring this whole team in.  Because when my doctor broke my water earlier they detected meconium so the baby was going to have to be checked right away and have his airways cleared so he didn't aspirate it into his lungs.  This was a bummer for Mike because once again he couldn't cut the cord.  They had me start pushing right away.  Now because I got the epidural so late I wasn't completely numb, I couldn't feel the contractions but I could definitely feel the baby and all that wonderful pain.  This time I actually was yelling, Mike said I told the  nurses and doctor to just pull the baby out.  I mean he was right there why couldn't they pull him out?  Right?  So a quick 30 minutes of pushing and he was out at 4:51pm.  Just like Roman he had the cord wrapped around his neck.  I don't know what's up with my kids doing that.  Such a relief to finally get him out.  While they are working on him the doctor is checking on me.  My placenta didn't want to detach so when it finally came out I was bleeding really bad and had massive clots.  I had to go on antibiotics to make sure I didn't get an infection.  So that was it, Mr. Dominic's birth story.  The induction wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and other than getting an unnecessary epidural it went really well. Here some pictures from that day.

Before gong to the hospital

So tired

Proud papa

9.4 lbs, 22 1/2 inches long

Welcome to the world, little boy, we love you.

Monday, June 1, 2015

38 weeks and some change

Here we are nearing the finish line.  According to my baby bump app we are 11 days away from d-day!  At my doctor visit last week she said the baby was low but other than that pretty comfy in there.  So even though I'm hoping he'll come a week early, he probably won't.  We are just super eager to meet the little dude.  We've been working on his room, the crib and dresser are all set up.  I've washed and put away all the clothes for the first few months.  We just need a nightstand, lamp and a few photos and his room will be all done.  Not that he'll be sleeping in there for a few months its just nice to have ready.  When I go in there I get a little nostalgic.  I know Roman's time as the only baby will be over soon.  Makes me sad.  I spoke with my doctor about my feelings, she said its normal to feel anxious and sad.  Usually those feelings go away the  minute the baby is born.

Otherwise, everything is humming along in that department.  Just a waiting game now.  The most annoying thing right now are the back spasms.  If I'm sitting I'm fine.  The minute I get up or try to get up I have crippling lower back pain.  Its been on and off the last few months.  But Saturday after service its really kicked in.  I put some heat on it last night and it felt better but its back again this morning.  Oh well, only a little under two weeks, I can do this. 

I was definitely sticking out more with Roman at this point.  Either way, I feel huge. 

In Roman news, he is now 20 months, or 1 year 8 months.  Almost a 2 year old!  Ahh I can't take it.  No wonder our parents always say, it seems like just yesterday you were a little girl.  Yah, I can totally believe that now.  He is trying to assert his little authority more as well.  Guess getting us ready for the terrible two's.  So trying to keep that in check.  Letting him know he can't be throwing things and just dropping his bottle wherever he wants.  Spent 5 minutes yesterday making him pick up his banana that he wanted so bad then threw on the floor.  He finally picked it up and threw it away.  After many tears and it being the end of the world because his mom is so mean.  Other than the mini power trips he is doing really well.  Took him to the pool on Saturday, he had a blast.  Even though I think he had more fun kicking the beach ball around then being in the water.  He thinks everything is a microphone lately and puts things up to his mouth and mumbles into them.  Its so adorable.  He's noticing cartoons a lot more.  Mainly colorful and musical ones.  So far he likes Rio, Horton Hears a Who and Despicable Me.  The minions were cracking him up, but seriously, who doesn't love those little guys.  I think that's it in Roman news.  He's starting to stretch again, his little legs look so long sometimes.  Here's some recent photos of our little guy.

I love his chilling pose at the top.

Life is great!

First time he's ever fallen asleep at the table.
 And finally, Roman talking into his microphone. lol!

  Well next time we catch up, we will be a family of four!  Stay tuned!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ponderings and Worries

Well here we are the almost end of this pregnancy.  Well not quite yet, I still have seven-ish weeks left give or take some days.  I will have to say this pregnancy has literally flown by, I feel kind of bad for the little guy, haven't really paid too much attention to him.  Too busy focusing on life and chasing after Roman.  But he reminds me he is around by the constant heartburn, indigestion, excruciating back spasms that make me walk like an orangutan and his dislike of basically everything I eat.  The hunger finally came on around 29/30 weeks.  I have had an insatiable appetite when I'm not grossed out by all that surrounds me.  Confusing right?  So this puts me in the running to gaining even more weight than I gained with Roman, hooray!  On top of that when I go in for my bi-weekly checkups with the doctor they have noticed I have more glucose in my pee test.  So now I get to retake the glucose/diabetes test this week to see if I have developed late stage gestational diabetes.  So over it but my doctor said she doesn't want me pushing out a ten pounder which I would have to agree with her on that, it doesn't sound like a pleasant experience.  Otherwise, we are finally trying to get things ready for the little guy.  Cleared out the office space in the spare bedroom to make room for another nursery.  We have the crib and dresser just need to put them together.  We also still need to paint and decorate the room, but still plenty of time right?  I think so.  Not to mention the other various house projects going on at the moment (finishing the new office space downstairs, refinishing the dining room table/chairs, etc).

So I've been thinking a lot lately when I'm awake after my 5:00 am bathroom break and I worry about raising two kids.  I think everyone has these worries when they go from one kid to two.  I worry about giving them enough attention, not neglecting Roman.  He is so used to being the center of attention and I love him being the center of attention.  Now to share it with another baby.  Juggling a toddler and a baby.  I just don't want Roman to feel left out.  He does really well with little babies so I think he'll be ok, he's very gentle and likes to share.  But I imagine it'll be different once there is a little one in the house 24/7.  I guess we will adjust and it will be ok.  Right?  Any advice from parents with more than one kid and how their transition went would be welcome.

As for Mr. Roman, he is growing every second, he's 19 months (1 1/2 years for those who don't do month counting).  His gibberish is starting to make more sense, he says "let's see", "uh'oh", "all done", and a few other phrases which I can't think of right now.  I guess I should write those down.  He lets us know when he has a dirty diaper so we really need to start potty training but gah I'm so tired I haven't the energy but I need to push through because I am over changing his diaper somedays.  He absolutely loves playing outside especially if he has his soccer ball or another type of ball to throw around.  He gets real clingy sometimes and its impossible to put him down because he locks on around you.  Little man still loves to eat.  He has his breakfast routine down pat, fruit, eggs, toast or waffle and some kind of breakfast meat, usually sausage its his favorite.  Lunch is usually light, a yogurt and fruit or pb&j.  Dinner is whatever is on hand unless I make something I know he won't eat. Then we open a can of beans and rice with broccoli and call it a night.  He did surprisingly well on our trip to Pennsylvania, its a ten hour drive.  But we stopped twice at rest areas and let him run around and he was fine.  He only had one meltdown each way so I would say it was a success :)  His love of music hasn't diminished.  We saw a band on Saturday and he was fascinated by the guitar player.  He likes to give high-fives and blow kisses, but only when he's in the mood.  Other times he's like yah, dude, I don't know what your doing but I don't do that.  I think our bedroom routine is my favorite part of the day.  After his bath, we read a couple books, turn out the light, do our prayer and snuggle for a few minutes.  He's already getting grown on me, before we had to rock him to sleep now after a bit he points at his crib and is like, hey put me in there I want to go to bed.  So I'm trying to treasure these moments because I know it'll pass fast.  So that about brings us up to date.  I'll try to post one more time before baby boy #2 arrives.

Right top picture he's dancing around in the breadcrumbs he spilled all over the floor.

29 weeks with Roman and 33 weeks with #2

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Already?

Wasn't it just January or February 1st?  I mean seriously, what gives? Anyhoo, sitting here this Monday morning trying to not fall asleep on my keyboard so figured I'd do a little update on the Regina household.  Mr. Roman is 17 months now!  So almost a year and half, I can't believe it.  Yes I will continue to be amazed every time he gets older.  Mike was saying the other day "just think when Roman will be all grown up and doing his own thing".  Of course that made me cry and be super depressed.  No, I refuse to think of him being a grown man and leaving.  He's my baby, don't rush it!  I'm already impressed by how much he has changed in a year and half.  He likes to imitate what we are doing all the time.  Mike and him were at the table and Mike crossed his arms and laid his head down and Roman did the same thing.  So adorable.  Or him and my mom were bending over and looking at each other.  He knows how we lock the doors but can't quite turn the lock himself, but he's trying.  I love when he stretches up on his tippy toes to reach something.  He's getting better at listening if we tell him not to touch something or to put something back or pick up his toys and put them away.  Even though that doesn't apply to the dog's water dish which he still likes to splash around in.  He likes to help with the laundry i.e. he pulls everything out of the dryer and climbs on the clothes while I'm folding, lol.  He plays with the pots and pans, mainly the pots, he pulls them out and arranges them on the table or living room floor and puts things in them.  Sometimes when he's done he puts them away too.  His new favorite thing to say is zeta.  When he really likes something or gets excited he goes "Zetaaaaa!" I have no idea where he got that from.  He also likes to say uva (which is grape in spanish).  He climbs onto the dining room chair and sits down when he is hungry and ready to eat.  At bedtime he likes to pick out the book we are going to read to him.  He claps for everything.  Still loves music, we were jamming to some spanish rock the other night.  Music and dancing come in handy when he starts to have his little meltdowns.  He loves to watch Caleb and Sophia videos and especially the children's songs on the JW site.  He climbs onto everything and is extremely curious and doesn't forget.  If we are trying to redirect his attention he stills goes for the original object or goes in search of it if we moved it.  I've tried to get him interested in coloring but all he wants to do is eat the crayons.  So for now we stick with his dollar store drawing board, which entertains him for a bit.  He also enjoys torturing his cat, Vader, by either laying or sitting on him.  Which I think the cat is partially to blame since he is too stupid to move.  Because our big cat, Padme, stays as far away from Roman as possible.  I really want to get Roman involved in activities outside the home.  I think swimming classes would be great since he loves the water.  Oh and lastly he likes carrying our dumbbells around the house, which he has been doing since he could crawl.  He picks up my 5 lb weights and moves them around and the 3 lb he carries around like its nothing.  Little muscle man.  I think that about brings us up to date on Roman shenanigans. 

Reading, wearing daddy's boots and in service

Generally cute all around
 As for baby no. 2, he's coming right along.  I'm at 25 weeks, almost 26 weeks, which is about 6 1/2 months.  Which would explain the increasingly larger baby bump, roughly the size of a soccer ball according to  I still don't know if I'll get as big as I was with Roman but only time will tell.  I've just started mild swelling in my fingers.  My wedding rings are getting quite snug.  Also, my feet aren't swollen but they feel wider.  Hooray for platypus feet (please note sarcasm).  The shoes I have on today definitely feel tight.  My back is easily aggravated with simple chores of just sweeping the floor.  I've always had lower back problems but they are worse while being pregnant.  One thing that I don't have this go around, splitting pelvis!  Last time I felt like my pelvis was being ripped apart and it clicked when I walked, not this time, thank goodness.  Even though you still won't catch me doing a 5K.  I can feel little baby boy moving now, not crazy movement like some moms mention but I feel a pulse or thumping in my lower abdomen.  I'm always trying to figure out what he's doing when that happens, is he stretching or kicking me, possibly punching me?  Umm what else?  According to my babyapp he's the size of a rutabaga and weighs around 1.5 lbs.  That's all I can think of for right now.  So till next time kids :)

My mom tells me I don't have a double chin this time around, thanks mom!

Friday, January 16, 2015

We are having another boy!

Well take that people!  Everyone is all like, you are having a girl because of this and that blah blah blah.  As the doctors say and all the books say every pregnancy is different and doesn't mean a thing when it comes to gender. I'm just happy he looks super healthy and no problems so far :)

I wish I could find the video clip of this, hilarious!
This pregnancy I haven't gained the weight like I did with Roman.  I was a massive whale with Roman and swollen from day 1.  Basically wearing flip flops and crocs the last 5 months lol!  This time around, I've put on weight but mainly just the belly.  No swelling yet but I'm sure that will come.  Not craving tuna or Bojangles this time.  I don't really have any specific cravings, like I need to eat this or I'm dying.  Usually I'm just like, I need to eat.  Definitely more food aversions, like fish, blech.  I'm off potato chips, how sad is that?  I love potato chips.  sniff sniff.  This morning everything in the fridge looked disgusting.  I had to make myself eat a bagel so I wouldn't starve.  More emotional this time around, like sobbing into the pillow emotional.  Why you ask?  Because my hair is flat or some stupid reason who knows, hormones!  Umm what else?  Let's see I'm 19 weeks, so almost half way!  I've felt the baby move a few times.  Definitely more active than Roman.  At the ultrasound appointment he was all over the place.  I'm really tired but I think that's more of a combination of keeping up with a toddler and being pregnant. I think that's all there is to report this time around.  Its so nice knowing the gender, now we can actually start planning everything out.  I don't get it when people like being surprised.  The suspense would kill me.

Mr. Roman update:  He is almost 16 months! Well, really 15 1/2 months.  Someone asked me the other day how old he was and I said 15 months and they paused for a minute then said, oh 1 year 3 months :p It'll be nice when he's a year and a half and I can just say that instead.  Right now I'm in that weird in between stage with his age.  So he's definitely keeping us on our toes.  He figured out how to climb onto the couch which means he's figured out how to climb onto everything.  He can climb into my mom's bed by balancing his feet on the sideboard and grabbing hold of the armchair and bed.  He climbed onto the desk in the office the other day and grabbed hold of the "empty" ink cartridges and proceeded to get ink everywhere after falling off said desk.  He still has a fascination with catfood and eats it every chance he gets.  Actually he puts everything into his mouth.  Right now he likes grabbing hold of the lotion or diaper cream and opening and closing the lid and licking what's on top.  I tell him he's weird.  He loves books, he likes turning the pages and pointing at things.  Sometimes he mumbles to himself like he's reading.  The board books they make for kids frustrate him because he has a hard time turning the pages.  He does pretty good with normal book pages.  I need to get him some Dr. Suess books, he'll love those.  Right now he likes to hear his Llama Llama story before bed.  He doesn't say no yet which is great but he does say uh-uh or if you're talking to him he'll go, huh? Every single time.  He's also adding some more words to his vocabulary, he learned the word vacuum the other week, why that stuck in his head and not more common words is beyond me.  Its still a struggle at the meetings, it feels like its getting worse instead of better.  We are going to have to incorporate some quiet time at home so he can get the hang of this.  He just wants to get down and walk and that's his main frustration.  He's probably thinking, why do I have to sit?  This is bananas.  Speaking of sitting, we are flying to California tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to that.  Here's to hoping he sleeps the majority of the flight. lol!  So that about catches us up.  Till next time!

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