Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 months

Well, here we are at 10 months.  Little guy just keeps on growing. No matter how much I want time to slow down I don't think its going to listen.  Roman has mastered the art of crawling and is all over the place.  When he really gets moving his little hips are swinging from side to side making tracks, reminds me of a snake slithering away.  The poor dogs are so tired.  They can't lay down to relax and can't go upstairs because of the baby gate. Thumper was jumping on the couch to get away from Roman but now he can reach up there and still grab at him.  On July 11th he started standing with no assistance.  Sometimes he'll stand clapping his hands or he'll squat to pick up something and stand right back up.  Then last night he did it!  He took his first few steps without holding on to anything.  It happened so quick I almost missed it.  I know in the next few weeks as he gains more confidence we are in for it. 

As far as food goes, he eats almost everything.  He's taken a disliking to broccoli recently I have no idea why.  He doesn't like pureed baby food at all.  Which stinks for me because I have a ton of frozen pureed butternut squash in the fridge.  Have to figure out what to do with that.  He's so funny when we are eating.  We have to time our meals with his because if we are eating and he's already done, he wants what we have too.  We have to eat at the table now, no more being lazy and eating on the couch because he's like, hey, whatcha got there? You gonna share? You're not! WAHHHHHHH!  I feel like this kid eats all the time.  For me, when I'm home I eat breakfast, skip lunch and make dinner sometime in the evening.  With hungry Roman, its breakfast, nurse, nap, lunch, nurse, dinner, snack, nurse, go to bed.  I can't figure out how all that food fits in his belly.  He also is completely refusing to take his bottle/sippy cup with my milk or formula when I'm not home.  He wants it directly from the source.  However, we have found out he will take regular milk in his cup, so here's hoping he'll be easy to wean when we hit a year old. 

Roman loves to say dadadadada all the time.  He calls all of us dada.  Every blue moon when he's real upset he'll cry mamamama.  Guess I'm the bad guy lol!  He's pretty good at saying cat, dog-gay, dum-pah (thumper).  He likes to strum his lips and make weird gurling bubbly noises, he thinks its hilarious.  I need to record it so I don't forget the sound. When he's all done eating he puts his hands up and waves all done.  We got him some new toys that require more interaction, he likes to turn them on and catch the balls and put them back in and start all over again.  Or listen to the different songs they sing.  He was playing with one of them last night and I remember when he was a few months old that toy looked so big next to him now he can pick it up and press all the different buttons.  Amazing how much he's grown in such a short span of time.  That's all I can think of for now, until next month little guy!

Assembly and at the doctor's office

First time in the ocean and his fave spot, the dog bed

First haircut and into everything (don't worry we baby proofed the kitchen after this pic was taken)

Let's see, does it fit in my mouth, good

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