Friday, January 16, 2015

We are having another boy!

Well take that people!  Everyone is all like, you are having a girl because of this and that blah blah blah.  As the doctors say and all the books say every pregnancy is different and doesn't mean a thing when it comes to gender. I'm just happy he looks super healthy and no problems so far :)

I wish I could find the video clip of this, hilarious!
This pregnancy I haven't gained the weight like I did with Roman.  I was a massive whale with Roman and swollen from day 1.  Basically wearing flip flops and crocs the last 5 months lol!  This time around, I've put on weight but mainly just the belly.  No swelling yet but I'm sure that will come.  Not craving tuna or Bojangles this time.  I don't really have any specific cravings, like I need to eat this or I'm dying.  Usually I'm just like, I need to eat.  Definitely more food aversions, like fish, blech.  I'm off potato chips, how sad is that?  I love potato chips.  sniff sniff.  This morning everything in the fridge looked disgusting.  I had to make myself eat a bagel so I wouldn't starve.  More emotional this time around, like sobbing into the pillow emotional.  Why you ask?  Because my hair is flat or some stupid reason who knows, hormones!  Umm what else?  Let's see I'm 19 weeks, so almost half way!  I've felt the baby move a few times.  Definitely more active than Roman.  At the ultrasound appointment he was all over the place.  I'm really tired but I think that's more of a combination of keeping up with a toddler and being pregnant. I think that's all there is to report this time around.  Its so nice knowing the gender, now we can actually start planning everything out.  I don't get it when people like being surprised.  The suspense would kill me.

Mr. Roman update:  He is almost 16 months! Well, really 15 1/2 months.  Someone asked me the other day how old he was and I said 15 months and they paused for a minute then said, oh 1 year 3 months :p It'll be nice when he's a year and a half and I can just say that instead.  Right now I'm in that weird in between stage with his age.  So he's definitely keeping us on our toes.  He figured out how to climb onto the couch which means he's figured out how to climb onto everything.  He can climb into my mom's bed by balancing his feet on the sideboard and grabbing hold of the armchair and bed.  He climbed onto the desk in the office the other day and grabbed hold of the "empty" ink cartridges and proceeded to get ink everywhere after falling off said desk.  He still has a fascination with catfood and eats it every chance he gets.  Actually he puts everything into his mouth.  Right now he likes grabbing hold of the lotion or diaper cream and opening and closing the lid and licking what's on top.  I tell him he's weird.  He loves books, he likes turning the pages and pointing at things.  Sometimes he mumbles to himself like he's reading.  The board books they make for kids frustrate him because he has a hard time turning the pages.  He does pretty good with normal book pages.  I need to get him some Dr. Suess books, he'll love those.  Right now he likes to hear his Llama Llama story before bed.  He doesn't say no yet which is great but he does say uh-uh or if you're talking to him he'll go, huh? Every single time.  He's also adding some more words to his vocabulary, he learned the word vacuum the other week, why that stuck in his head and not more common words is beyond me.  Its still a struggle at the meetings, it feels like its getting worse instead of better.  We are going to have to incorporate some quiet time at home so he can get the hang of this.  He just wants to get down and walk and that's his main frustration.  He's probably thinking, why do I have to sit?  This is bananas.  Speaking of sitting, we are flying to California tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to that.  Here's to hoping he sleeps the majority of the flight. lol!  So that about catches us up.  Till next time!

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