Friday, August 30, 2013

9 monthssssss

Seriously? Didn't I just find out I was pregnant? I mean, where has the time gone? Of course, I hear once the child is actually here the time goes pretty fast too. I remember my parents used to tell me all the time, just yesterday you were a little girl. I think I know what they were talking about now.

So I am officially in the home stretch. 4 weeks or so to go. I keep thinking he is going to come early or its more of a feeling really, but the doctor told me yesterday, nope. He appears to be in there for the long haul :p Well Doctor, I don't like your opinion so there, ha! Also, I am still anemic. So now have to remember to take my iron pills twice a day! As if taking them once a day isn't hard enough to remember. Baby measured large yesterday so the doc ordered an ultrasound next week to see how big he is getting. I wonder if he was sitting funny or it could have been the big lunch I had, heehee! Because all my other visits he's measured right on track. But my appetite hasn't slowed down a bit and I'm craving pie all the time. Thank goodness we don't keep it in the house because I can seriously eat two or three slices in a sitting. And don't you dare try to take my slice, I'll cut you.
I'm right there with you Stanley.

We did finally clear out the guest room and some of the office. Went through a ton of things and had a yard sale last weekend. Sold most of the big ticket items and all the little things we didn't sell I took them to Goodwill. So nice to be rid of all that stuff. I was starting to feel like a hoarder. Couldn't even walk in our dining room. We set up the crib, glider and dresser in the nursery. I'm going to finish decorating it this weekend so hopefully next week I can show you pictures, ooohhhh. Only item we weren't able to buy was the futon for the office. But that's because IKEA has it on backorder so we have to wait, boo!

Umm, let's see, what else?  We finished our birth classes.  They were informative and lots of good reminders.  But we'll see how many of them I'll actually remember when I go into labor :p  Baby is definitely riding lower, so I have a good waddle going on when I walk. My right foot stays swollen and feels tight all the time.  I get out of breath getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen. But that just means I'm that much closer, right?  Baby is moving all the time now, I think he is frustrated because he is running out of room.  No lie the other day I thought he was doing the rumba and shaking some maracas at the same time.  I was like what the world?

We are definitely getting excited though.  Ready to meet our little guy and I'm ready to have my body back :)  Since I'm near the end I'll try to update the blog once a week.  See you then!

Friday, August 2, 2013

8 months or ...

8 weeks to go, which is technically two months but not really or 56 days to go.  Which the days part sounds really scary, because I'm like wow!  We need to get crackin' on stuff b/c this baby will be here in no time.  Thanks to the baby shower we had back in May and several bags of baby clothes from a sister in my mom's hall we now have a plethora of baby clothes.  I do mean a plethora.  I still need to get him some cute little fedora hats/newsboy caps, some winter jackets and some cool meeting shoes but otherwise I think we are good till 9 months at least. We have the big ticket items for the nursery, crib and glider.  Still need to purchase a dresser though and little decorations for the room.  Hopefully we can get everything cleared out of the guest room this weekend so we can start setting things up.  I know, I know, I've been saying that for 3 months now.

I have been having more braxton hicks contractions, not all the time, but when I do have them they stop me in my tracks.  I was in the break room the other day, doubled over the table waiting for them to pass, fun times.  So if you add those on top of my pelvic pain I'm just hobbling around everywhere.  I did get a maternity support belt which helps when I'm standing or walking for long periods of time.  This kid is hanging so low I think that's why I have so much pain.  Plus, he's getting bigger, now around 3.75 lbs and the size of jicama.  I like these random fruit/veggies they pick out :p

I picture him like this right now, lol!

We did our maternity ward tour at the hospital.  It was so crazy thinking we will be there soon.  They are supportive of natural birth, they have a birthing ball, jacuzzi to ease the pain and everything so that was good news.  We start our birth classes next week, yikes! We are going to be so busy the next month or so.  Hopefully in September everything will be done so I can just use that time to relax before baby arrives. 

Had an ob visit this morning.  Baby is measuring right on track since belly measures 32 centimeters and the doctor said it feels like he's head down.  That would explain why my uterus feels like its going to fall out sometimes :p  I haven't gained any weight since last visit, yay!  I could technically gain another 10 lbs before he's born but since I've already gained 25 lbs I think I'm good.  Saw a really nice doctor in the practice today, she recommended I go to a chiropractor for my pelvis pain, she said it may help.  Also, told her I've been craving ice like crazy, so they did a hemoglobin test and I'm anemic.  So get to take iron pills in addition to my prenatals, hooray (not really).  Otherwise everything looks great.  Oh and his heartbeat was nice and strong at 167.  

Mike has been a great help, especially during the last couple weeks.  He's always helped around the house with cleaning and cooking but he's really stepped it up a notch just telling me to rest.  I really appreciate the support. We talk about our hopes and dreams for the baby and our worries if we'll do a good job raising him.  Its a lot of responsibility.  So much easier having a dog, we just have to make sure she doesn't bite anyone, lol!  Its stressful thinking about the future and kinda sad knowing it won't be just the two of us anymore.  But I've heard people say when the baby comes you don't miss it, its just another chapter in your life with a whole new set of adventures.  So just going to take one day at a time and do the best we can.  So here's my lovely 8 month, 32 weeks, day 224 pregnancy shot.  Till next time!
Really hard to find an angle where I don't look ginormous (and its only going to get bigger!)

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