Monday, March 2, 2015

March Already?

Wasn't it just January or February 1st?  I mean seriously, what gives? Anyhoo, sitting here this Monday morning trying to not fall asleep on my keyboard so figured I'd do a little update on the Regina household.  Mr. Roman is 17 months now!  So almost a year and half, I can't believe it.  Yes I will continue to be amazed every time he gets older.  Mike was saying the other day "just think when Roman will be all grown up and doing his own thing".  Of course that made me cry and be super depressed.  No, I refuse to think of him being a grown man and leaving.  He's my baby, don't rush it!  I'm already impressed by how much he has changed in a year and half.  He likes to imitate what we are doing all the time.  Mike and him were at the table and Mike crossed his arms and laid his head down and Roman did the same thing.  So adorable.  Or him and my mom were bending over and looking at each other.  He knows how we lock the doors but can't quite turn the lock himself, but he's trying.  I love when he stretches up on his tippy toes to reach something.  He's getting better at listening if we tell him not to touch something or to put something back or pick up his toys and put them away.  Even though that doesn't apply to the dog's water dish which he still likes to splash around in.  He likes to help with the laundry i.e. he pulls everything out of the dryer and climbs on the clothes while I'm folding, lol.  He plays with the pots and pans, mainly the pots, he pulls them out and arranges them on the table or living room floor and puts things in them.  Sometimes when he's done he puts them away too.  His new favorite thing to say is zeta.  When he really likes something or gets excited he goes "Zetaaaaa!" I have no idea where he got that from.  He also likes to say uva (which is grape in spanish).  He climbs onto the dining room chair and sits down when he is hungry and ready to eat.  At bedtime he likes to pick out the book we are going to read to him.  He claps for everything.  Still loves music, we were jamming to some spanish rock the other night.  Music and dancing come in handy when he starts to have his little meltdowns.  He loves to watch Caleb and Sophia videos and especially the children's songs on the JW site.  He climbs onto everything and is extremely curious and doesn't forget.  If we are trying to redirect his attention he stills goes for the original object or goes in search of it if we moved it.  I've tried to get him interested in coloring but all he wants to do is eat the crayons.  So for now we stick with his dollar store drawing board, which entertains him for a bit.  He also enjoys torturing his cat, Vader, by either laying or sitting on him.  Which I think the cat is partially to blame since he is too stupid to move.  Because our big cat, Padme, stays as far away from Roman as possible.  I really want to get Roman involved in activities outside the home.  I think swimming classes would be great since he loves the water.  Oh and lastly he likes carrying our dumbbells around the house, which he has been doing since he could crawl.  He picks up my 5 lb weights and moves them around and the 3 lb he carries around like its nothing.  Little muscle man.  I think that about brings us up to date on Roman shenanigans. 

Reading, wearing daddy's boots and in service

Generally cute all around
 As for baby no. 2, he's coming right along.  I'm at 25 weeks, almost 26 weeks, which is about 6 1/2 months.  Which would explain the increasingly larger baby bump, roughly the size of a soccer ball according to  I still don't know if I'll get as big as I was with Roman but only time will tell.  I've just started mild swelling in my fingers.  My wedding rings are getting quite snug.  Also, my feet aren't swollen but they feel wider.  Hooray for platypus feet (please note sarcasm).  The shoes I have on today definitely feel tight.  My back is easily aggravated with simple chores of just sweeping the floor.  I've always had lower back problems but they are worse while being pregnant.  One thing that I don't have this go around, splitting pelvis!  Last time I felt like my pelvis was being ripped apart and it clicked when I walked, not this time, thank goodness.  Even though you still won't catch me doing a 5K.  I can feel little baby boy moving now, not crazy movement like some moms mention but I feel a pulse or thumping in my lower abdomen.  I'm always trying to figure out what he's doing when that happens, is he stretching or kicking me, possibly punching me?  Umm what else?  According to my babyapp he's the size of a rutabaga and weighs around 1.5 lbs.  That's all I can think of for right now.  So till next time kids :)

My mom tells me I don't have a double chin this time around, thanks mom!

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