Wednesday, February 23, 2011

thinking and wishing...

I was anywhere right now. We went out of town last weekend for the circuit assembly. It was so nice to get away and be refreshed. Now back at work and already thinking about when I'll go out of town again. We have several mini-trips planned and one major trip planned at the end of the year. The first one coming up will be the first week of May. For our anniversary this year we are going up to NY and PA. Going to visit my cousin in Patterson and hopefully go to family worship night. Also, hoping to see some friends from NY, Roni & Rich. They always have the best things planned :) Then off to see my in-laws. By May my SIL should be very preggers, can't wait to touch that belly, yay! Then next mini-trip will be in July after the district assembly. Going out to Vegas for a 4 or 5 day weekend. Prob just chill but we may take in a show, Phantom of the Opera anyone? Let's see, I can't think of any other little trips at the moment, prob go to the beach, mtns, Charlotte. But usually those are weekend getaways so they don't count :p The big trip is in October/November. 3 weeks in Argentina! Mike has been saving since last year for this trip. We will visit his family of course but we hope to go down to Bariloche. To get an idea of the area check out Living in Patagonia. It looks absolutely gorgeous down there. I wanted to go last time but we couldn't squeeze it in. You have to remember Argentina is a huge country so getting from Cordoba to Bariloche one has to fly. So that's my plans for this year. Happy trekking!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

exciting news

Going to be an aunty soon! Mike's sister is 4 months pregnant. She sent me the latest sonogram pictures and video. Its the neatest thing seeing the baby kicking in her stomach. Its amazing the amount of detail the sonogram shows. Hopefully her and her husband will be coming down in March but if not me and Mike are going up in May. Can't wait to rub the pregnant belly, whether she likes it or not heehee!

Friday, February 4, 2011


We are having dad's memorial service on Saturday. The only way I can describe this whole process is surreal. My mom has been crying a lot. I try to comfort her but I know its not the same. She wants her husband to be here. I've been handling various details of the service and all the arrangements that need to be done. I keep thinking he's at the store or sleeping in his room and that I'll see him later. It's like I have this strange disconnect. I'm sad he's gone and I miss him terribly but I'm not crying like people expect me too. They hug me real tight and ask how I'm doing and hold my hands and wait for me to cry uncontrollably. I tell them I'm fine and I know he's resting and no longer suffering. And that's it. No tears. No sobbing. Sometimes I think something is broken inside of me. But the other day when I was at the movies I got super sad and depressed. I knew I wouldn't see my dad later and be able to tell him all about the movie. Then yesterday I passed a restaurant the two of us had lunch at and I got sad remembering the good times. I cried a little bit about the lunches we won't have together anymore. Then today I put together a slideshow of his life that we will be showing at the service. It made me happy to see all the things he did in his life and how happy he had been. I got teary eyed seeing the pictures of me and him when I was a baby. He was such a proud poppa. I've read various sites and they say everyone grieves differently. For some, who don't openly cry at first sometime down the road they do finally breakdown. I just wonder if that will happen to me. Whatever the case may be I miss my dad terribly and I can't wait to see him again.

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