Friday, February 7, 2014

Four months old

Little guy keeps getting bigger and bigger.  He had his 4 month well check with the doctor and weighed in at a whopping 19.5 pounds.  Doctor said he's a healthy little boy, right on track with everything.  He loves to talk and coo all the time at home.  But sometimes he gets shy especially at the meetings and he'll just give people the most serious little face, refusing to smile or talk.  He's doing a half a roll now, he can get on his side but then flops back down on his back. He likes to sit on the floor propping himself up with his arms, but he can only do that for a little bit then tends to topple to the side.  He is also showing a lot of interest in his surroundings and touching things.  I have to watch him when I'm eating because he will put his hand right in my food.  He got a handful of scrambled eggs the other day, just squishing it with his fingers :p  He's reached the age where I have to keep my hair back and I now understand why moms cut their hair.  He will get a death grip on it and refuse to let go.  So not only is my hair falling out but he's pulling the rest out, ha! Guess I just need to have another kid so my hair will grow back, lol j/k!

We took him to his first assembly a couple weeks ago.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, he did good but we still missed a lot of the assembly.  The main reason being he refused to nap.  All the noise and lights and he couldn't stop looking around.  And he doesn't want to sit he wants you to walk him.  It is nice though in the mothers room because they have a tv so you can watch the program.  But when it gets full of screaming babies its kinda hard to concentrate.  All in all  I say it was a success and we enjoyed seeing all our friends.

We have our first cross country trip planned for the end of this month.  Going to visit my mom's side of the family in California and Nevada. It should be interesting.  I have high hopes he'll do good.  He loves to eat and I've been told as long as you feed them during takeoff and landing babies tend to do fine.  So we shall see.  Here's some photos from the past month.

The purple family :)

Chillin' with auntie Dionne
What's tio Eddie talking about?
This carpet has fur on it, lol!
Sleeping and out and about

Till next month!

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