Monday, June 1, 2015

38 weeks and some change

Here we are nearing the finish line.  According to my baby bump app we are 11 days away from d-day!  At my doctor visit last week she said the baby was low but other than that pretty comfy in there.  So even though I'm hoping he'll come a week early, he probably won't.  We are just super eager to meet the little dude.  We've been working on his room, the crib and dresser are all set up.  I've washed and put away all the clothes for the first few months.  We just need a nightstand, lamp and a few photos and his room will be all done.  Not that he'll be sleeping in there for a few months its just nice to have ready.  When I go in there I get a little nostalgic.  I know Roman's time as the only baby will be over soon.  Makes me sad.  I spoke with my doctor about my feelings, she said its normal to feel anxious and sad.  Usually those feelings go away the  minute the baby is born.

Otherwise, everything is humming along in that department.  Just a waiting game now.  The most annoying thing right now are the back spasms.  If I'm sitting I'm fine.  The minute I get up or try to get up I have crippling lower back pain.  Its been on and off the last few months.  But Saturday after service its really kicked in.  I put some heat on it last night and it felt better but its back again this morning.  Oh well, only a little under two weeks, I can do this. 

I was definitely sticking out more with Roman at this point.  Either way, I feel huge. 

In Roman news, he is now 20 months, or 1 year 8 months.  Almost a 2 year old!  Ahh I can't take it.  No wonder our parents always say, it seems like just yesterday you were a little girl.  Yah, I can totally believe that now.  He is trying to assert his little authority more as well.  Guess getting us ready for the terrible two's.  So trying to keep that in check.  Letting him know he can't be throwing things and just dropping his bottle wherever he wants.  Spent 5 minutes yesterday making him pick up his banana that he wanted so bad then threw on the floor.  He finally picked it up and threw it away.  After many tears and it being the end of the world because his mom is so mean.  Other than the mini power trips he is doing really well.  Took him to the pool on Saturday, he had a blast.  Even though I think he had more fun kicking the beach ball around then being in the water.  He thinks everything is a microphone lately and puts things up to his mouth and mumbles into them.  Its so adorable.  He's noticing cartoons a lot more.  Mainly colorful and musical ones.  So far he likes Rio, Horton Hears a Who and Despicable Me.  The minions were cracking him up, but seriously, who doesn't love those little guys.  I think that's it in Roman news.  He's starting to stretch again, his little legs look so long sometimes.  Here's some recent photos of our little guy.

I love his chilling pose at the top.

Life is great!

First time he's ever fallen asleep at the table.
 And finally, Roman talking into his microphone. lol!

  Well next time we catch up, we will be a family of four!  Stay tuned!

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