Monday, November 17, 2014

13 1/2 Months

Sorry guys, I've been meaning to update the blog with Roman's latest milestones, like turning a year! But work and life kept me busy and I didn't have a chance.  So I'm taking an opportunity on this gloomy Monday morning at work to bring ya'll up to speed.  So let's see what's been happening since the 10 month check up.

Ok, last time Roman took his first few steps, well he's been walking since 11 months so he's basically an expert now.  He practically runs around the house.  He loves it when we chase him, we tell him, I'm gonna get ya! And he takes off running and giggling hysterically.  Another fun game is telling him to get Thumper (my mom's shih tsu) and he chases him around the living room trying to catch him.  I'm not sure its that fun for Thumper, lol.  He likes to crawl up the steps but we have to be with him because he hasn't mastered coming down yet.  Well he'll come down but not the right way.  He really likes being outdoors and playing in the yard, just exploring and checking things out.  With us being in Autumn, he likes crunching around in the leaves.  When we are out in a public place I don't like putting him down because he doesn't want to hold our hand and he just takes off.  Little chubby face of determination not even looking where he is going but where ever he is headed he's going full speed.

As far as food, he's usually pretty agreeable with most meals.  He always wants what we have so I don't really make him separate baby food, just a smaller portion of our dinner.  Since he only has 4 teeth he can't chew somethings so unless the chicken is really tender he'll spit it out.  Even though he can eat crackers and pizza crust just fine, hmm, little trickster.  We can tell when he's done because he starts playing with his food and throwing it on the floor for the dogs.  They hover like satellites around the table when we eat now.  He's also completely weaned now (at 13 months) and drinks his milk, juice and water out of sippy cups.  Its so nice.  His new thing, which he has been doing for about the past month, if we don't give him something fast enough or what he wants, he falls over to the side and cries or screams.  Sometimes its funny but I  try not to laugh so I don't encourage him.  It only lasts a few seconds then he manages to compose himself and he likes oh, what I wanted was right here the whole time.  He does it when he's playing too and wants something, we just ignore him and he stops after a few seconds and goes right on playing.  I read its just a phase and I sure hope so. 

Umm what else?  He says mama now along with dadd-deee.  I think he said Nana the other day for grandma but I'm not sure.  He also says dank eww for thank you, he's really good at saying that for various things.  The funniest thing when he's talking baby talk and just babbling, if he's really into what he's saying he gestures like crazy, like he's trying to get his point across.  I tell Mike, Roman is so Italian because I sure don't gesture like that.  At his last checkup he weighed in just over 25 pounds and I think 30 inches tall.  So still a big boy, wearing 18 month old clothes and size 6 shoes, sniff.  His little tiny feet got big so quick.  Another cute thing is our bedtime routine.  He gets his bath and all ready for bed.  Then we pick out a book and he brings it to me and climbs on my lap and we read a story before bed.  Its so precious.

Well I think that brings us up to speed.  I'll still try to do semi regular updates on Roman along with updates on how pregnancy #2 is progressing.  So stay tuned...

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