Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Pictures

I luv old family photos. My uncles and grandma Martinez were recently here visiting from California. My uncle Henry was going through some old family albums and had me scan some to send to him and I sent them to myself as well (since I don't have any of these picture). I thought I would post a few and share some old memories :)
This was from a picnic prob at Yosemite, that's my mom and g'pa Martinez

My dad being a mack daddy ha!

(L-R) Cousin Veronica, Connie and Me

My uncle Henry's children, Rebecca, Daniel, Veronica and me

The oldest kids, Gloria, Vince and my mom

My great grandma and maybe my mom or Gloria

I <3 this picture, the eldest siblings with the younger ones. My mom is holding Nancy's hands, Lydia is looking off camera and Vince is trying to get Henry to look at the camera :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falls days are almost here

I could feel it this morning in the air. Fall is around the corner :) That cool, crisp smell to the air. The light fog over the meadow. I had the strongest desire this morning to get in the car and drive to the mountains. Just drive around and smell the air. Go hiking and sit at some sidewalk cafe in Asheville and drink a coffee. This is my most favorite time of the year and nothing compares to it. Right now the big window in my office is torturing me with perfect blue skies and wispy white clouds. However its still a little too warm during the day. Stood in the sun for a few minutes and broke a sweat. But a couple more weeks and we are there. We are going to the beach in a couple weeks, wish it was the mountains but I know the air will smell delicious over there as well. I hope you are having a pleasant fall day as well :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Where in the world did the first half of this year go? I mean seriously can someone look for it? I remember when I was younger people always told me your twenties go fast, well they sure weren't kidding. I hope the thirties go slower cause this is just insane. Well as far as traveling I don't see anything on the horizon. But things always change so we shall see. We had our assembly a couple of weeks back, that was very refreshing, a good recharge for everyone. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, I said I was going to get better at that but my camera is so junky I don't feel inspired. Now if someone was to buy me one *hint*hint* heehee! Well I hope everyone is having a good summer and I'll check back in when something interesting is going on.

Monday, April 12, 2010

san antonio & monterrey

Ok so it has been forever since I've updated my blog with my goings on. Two weeks ago me, hubby mike, my mom and our friend Z went down to Mex-i-co for a good friends wedding. We decided to make it a long weekend only since most of us had to get back to work. We flew out Thursday morning and arrived in San Antonio around 10 in the morning. Since we didn't have any major plans for Mexico besides the wedding we decided to take advantage of the fact we were going to be in San Antonio. So we got a hotel room and spent the day site seeing. We had lunch in this delightfully tacky Mexican restaurant in MarketSquare.
Afterwards we walked to the Alamo.
My mom was really excited because ever since she was a little girl she wanted to go there.
So we spent a nice couple hours walking around. Then we walked over to the launch area for the boat tours on Riverwalk. We all really enjoyed that, mainly b/c by then we were exhausted from walking and lack of sleep the night before, ha! We had a bad dinner at Dick's Last Resort. Word of advice, if you are tired don't go there. Their sarcasm was too much for weary travelers. On top of that their food sucketh. We crashed at the hotel that night and woke up early next morning to begin our bus ride to Mexico...

So for the most part the ride was uneventful. We arrived in Monterrey around 1:30 in the afternoon. We got there two hours early so our friend who was supposed to pick us up couldn't make it. Soooo she said take such and such busline to such and such city and we'll get you there. I'm like oookkkkk. So we buy the tix and get on the bus. Meanwhile my other friends who have already arrived for the weddding and are at the "villas" are telling me how horrible it is there are mice and scorpions, no towels, stranded with nothing to do. So they are trying to get to Monterrey (an hour away from where we are staying) to rent a car and get diff hotel accomodations. By then its too late for us to turn back so we have to keep going. We finally make it to the cabins not villas around 6 that night. Decide no we aren't staying either and wait for the guys to come back with the rental car to get all of us. In the meantime the mice put on a nice show of running all over the floor for us. We finally get picked up and make it back to the city and check into our lovely Wyndham hotel.
We had a great breakfast the next day but have to go back! back to the other place for rehearsal and a bar-b-q.
So we go back for the bbq (boiled cow head/neck shredded and put in a sauce, very fatty :p) do the rehearsal, do a quick bridal shower (that was fun) and head back to the city, hooray!
When we finally get back we go out to Chili's for dinner (yah we really branched out for different food down there heehee). We had a really good time and had some yummy drinks and beer ;)
(Melanie finally got her Carta Blanca beer and was happy about it)
(Mike trying to hide from the camera)
Finally the next day was the wedding and all in all it turned out nice. Janiece looked lovely walking down, made a really beautiful bride.
After all was said and done we were ready to head back to the city and do a little siteseeing. So we went to downtown Monterrey and saw their version of Riverwalk. It looked really pretty as the sun was setting.
First thing on Monday morning we had to be at the bus station. Left Monterrey at 6:30 am and arrived back in San Antonio at 2:30 pm. Never been so hungry we had nothing to eat except a little bit of pan. I was so happy to be in the Texas it was ridiculous. We got home to D-town around midnight. So even though it was a short trip it will be an unforgettable one. Its pretty safe to say that none of us will be going back to Mexico anytime soon.
(the whole gang from Durham who went down)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow, snow, snow

So I have seen quite a bit of snow the past month and a half. So this post will be of the snow in Boston (for Gala's wedding), snow in Indiana (visiting the g'parents) and snow here in D-town! To start here's some pics from Gala's wedding
The ol' gang: Iliana, Heydi, Gala, me, Roni

Me & Dionne at Sam Adams Brewery, good times :)

Digging our car out of the snow (10+ inches)

After a big breakfast with dad & g'parents (I look full ha)

Now that's an icicle!

Our apartment complex 2nd day after the snow

Leela snuffling everything

I luv the snow :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

travelin' fool

So I was supposed to bring my camera in to work today and upload pictures from recent trips. But did I remember to do that? Nooooo. Oh well so just a blurb about what's been new with me. In December went to Boston for a friends wedding. It was fun made it a girl's weekend. Lemme just say the drive to Boston is killer. Hitting traffic in DC and NY not fun at all. Also, I think 95 just may be the boring-ist highway ever! Last weekend went to Indiana to see the grandparents. It was nice going with just my dad, had some father-daughter time :) Glad I went up. I haven't been there since I was 17/18 years old and haven't seen my g'parents in almost two years, so defin time. On the way back home stopped in TN to see my Aunt Tina. Nice family time. Now back home and planning my next trip. One of my good friends is getting married in April in Mexico. I luv the heads up she gave all of us. Anyhoo trying to figure out finances and travel arrangements. Looks to be a good time though. Till next time, Happy travels!

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