Friday, January 30, 2009

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart and the writing team at the daily show are hilarious. I really need to watch this show every day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

my new carro

So I had been browsing online looking at cars from all over. Last Monday I went to the mazda dealership in durham and test drove the mazda3 and mazda6. I instantly fell in love with the 6. I felt it was time I got a grown up car. But the dealership wasn't really working with me on getting a deal or anything. So I left and kept browsing and low and behold on Tuesday of last week I found my car. 80 miles away in winston-salem. Its a used '08 Mazda6 with only 5,500 miles on it and fully loaded. Me and the hubby went over there on Wednesday, test drove the car, loved it, worked out a deal (already an awesome deal b/c of internet price but got it lowered a tad more) and drove home with it. Her she is

I know, I know, red? But I wanted a change from silver and i love the black interior and its a 5-speed. Everything I could want in a car. When I get the windows tinted tomorrow it'll looked all pimped out ;) So just thought I'd share my joy. In my next post i'll put up some pics of the snow from this week.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Which kind of car?

Since I wasn't really planning on getting a new car anytime soon I don't really have an idea of what I want. I did a little research yesterday and these are my top 3 choices.

Honda Civic

Mazda3 5door (i am partial to the hatchbacks:)

Mazda6 (a little upgrade)

any other suggestions or opinions out there?

Soooo my weekend sooked!

How come everytime you are bout to pay something off, such as a car, something happens to it? It seems that's the way it always goes for me. I have been paying car payments for 9 years now and I was soo close to paying off my car but alas, it happened again. Someone hits my car, totals it, and I have to start all over again. So by the time I finish paying off this new car (which I haven't gotten yet since the other person's insurance is still working out the details) I will have been paying car payments for 14 years. That's depressing when you think about it that way. Here's my faithful, once lovely car :(

These pics were taken at the junkyard. The accident happened at night and the night shot is really hard to see and blurry. So even though my car is a complete loss, me and my friends are okay. That's whats important. Material things can always be replaced.

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