Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No, No, No

When Roman was about 15 months old I started getting newsletters from BabyCenter talking about how the child's vocabulary will start to expand.  One of their new favorite things to say will be No and how to deal with that problem when it started.  So I waited and waited.  Roman turned 2, then 2 1/2 and finally 3 before he started saying No.  But he never said it like you hear, no, no, no.  Just a matter of fact, No, I don't like that and he moved on.  So I was like, hmph, okay, every kid is different I guess.  Then comes along Mr. Dominic.  He's been saying various words for a few months now.  And his favorite thing to say is No.  Not just one No, multiple no's in escalating voice till he is screaming it.  Course I can't remember what BabyCenter said about how to deal with this problem.  And frankly I'm too tired to care.

I am just amazed how two kids can be so different.  Roman has always been full tilt, running in every direction with tons of energy.  He just doesn't stop.  Dominic, he likes to play, but he listens more, doesn't wander off too far (I say too far because in comparison Roman would take off at full speed in the mall and be on the other side before I even got out of the store. Hence, why he constantly wore his Monkey backpack till he was 3).  Dominic tends to stay in a 10 - 15 foot radius of us which is fine.  Dominic loves to give snuggles and kisses.  Roman wants a quick hug (usually to see what's on the counter and if its something to eat) then to be put back down so he can get back to business.  Roman started off eating everything, but as he gets older he's getting pickier and prefers all food Italian.  Dominic is a more open eater, willing to try anything at least once and he prefers rice and beans with a side of avocado per his Mexican heritage.  Dominic is more into books and will sit quietly and play.  Roman is into trains and making things crash. Dominic is very gentle with the dog and cats and Roman is pulling their tails.  Roman is real smart, he knows his alphabet and numbers and he's constantly spelling out names and words that he sees.  Both boys enjoy music and will dance.  Roman sings along with me to Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Twenty One Pilots.  And of course some of their favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Masha and the Bear, Disney Animated Collection and they watch Voyager and Star Trek Movies with me. 

I am excited to watch these little guys grow but it would be nice if they slow down just a bit.  Because Dominic will be 2 in June and Roman will be 4! in September. 
Mr. Dominic

Roman doing his favorite things, choo choo, eat and sleep

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