Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what's new pussycat?

Sorry if I have been MIA. Not that anyone noticed :p haha! Things have been hectic lately. The second week of March Mike found out he finally got his transfer to CLT. So we immediately went down to look for a house. We closed on April 20th and moved in that weekend. Then we had CO visit last week so this weekend I'm going down to finish unpacking. Its crazy to think we are homeowners! Such an adult thing for us to do ha! Mike is loving it down there. As soon as I find a job I'll be going down. I have been applying to jobs like crazy. I have an interview on Thursday but I'm not that excited about it since I don't think it will be enough hours or pay, boo, but vamos a ver. I'm also looking at animal hospitals and clinics. Hoping to work in a veterinary clinic, that would be my dream job, but alas I have no experience and they seem to want that. What I want to know is how are you supposed to get experience in a field if no one will hire you, hmmm? Anyways, I'll post again with pics of the house, should get most everything set up this weekend, its sooo fun!

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