Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little over 2 months

Time has seriously flown by and I know that's so cliche, but its true. The first couple of weeks are kind of a blur. We were having serious sleep deprivation trying to adjust to our newborn schedule. Sleepwalking through feedings, diaper changes, rinse and repeat. Those first couple weeks the little guy mainly slept and looked at us through squinty eyes. Some nights I was up till 4/5 in the morning trying to get him to sleep. Then all of a sudden he started sleeping a few hours at a time and he became aware of his surroundings. He started opening his big gray eyes and focusing on us. That's right folks, gray eyes. He's pulling in some colored eye genes from somewhere. We shall see if they stay that color or change later on. He still prefers the squinty look though. He started smiling around 5/6 weeks. Its the cutest thing to make him smile. When he gives me one of his crooked smiles I just melt. He's been cooing and gurgling up a storm the past couple weeks. Just talking away in baby talk, we have long conversations about buhbuhbooboogoogoogahgah, lol! And I know you will think I'm crazy but he totally put some sounds together the other day that sounded like he said "How are you?", clear as day. My mom heard it too. We were like what the world? I know he was just making noises but it was the funniest thing. Let's see what else? His skin is finally clearing up. First he had newborn rash, then baby acne and then cradle cap. I would have to say the cradle "crap" (as mike calls it) was the grossest. Believe me, I was putting some olive oil on his head and scrubbing that mess off. Don't worry, I wasn't scrubbing hard, I was gently brushing it. He has become drooly McGee lately, have to keep a bib and a burp cloth handy at all times.

We've had 3 doctor visits so far. The first was when he was 3 days old. They just weighed him at that visit, made sure he was eating well. He was also born tongue-tied, it wasn't bad but made nursing very uncomfortable. So we went ahead and had it clipped at that visit. Which made nursing much easier. His second doctor visit was at 2 weeks. Not much happened at that visit, weighed and measured. He gained a pound and half from his birth weight. That should of clued me in he was going to be a big boy. Now his third doctor visit alot was going on. Weighed in at 14.14 pounds and measured 24 3/4 inches (he seems longer, maybe its just all the heft). This was the visit I was worried about because he was getting 4 vaccines. Three were shots and one was given orally. Poor fella, just laying there and all of a sudden he's like, what the world just pinched me, heehee! But he did good, fed him and he was fine. I think he was more upset later that night when I took off his bandaids.

He does really well riding in car. We drove all the way to the beach (3 1/2 hours from Durham) and only had to stop once for a feeding and diaper change. And for the meetings, so far he just sleeps through them. I'm sure that's going to change but for now its great. I haven't attempted service with him yet. I'm building up my nerve to take him out this Saturday. I know I need to get him used to it. But all around I think he does pretty good. He does the usual baby crying when I change his diaper but as soon as you finish he's fine. And if we wait to long to feed him, of course he'll cry but other than that he does really good. I wish time would slow down, because I know this stage won't last long. When I get home from work all I want to do is hold him and play with him. Trying to drink all of him up while I can.
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