Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Children 2.0

Ok, I am woefully behind on updating my blog. Sorry my loyal fans, life has gotten in the way.  How rude, right?  But I digress.  Everything has been going really well on the home front.  It was a bit of an adjustment having a toddler and a newborn.  But now that two and half months have gone by I feel pretty good and have a good rhythm going with them.  I won't see routine cause every day is different but we are doing well.

In the  beginning if felt like Dominic was up all night, every night.  I'm sure it only lasted a couple weeks but it felt like forever.  I was having major sleep deprivation and Mike had to go to back to work, so the beginning was a bit of a fog.  Now though, he's sleeping 5-6 hours at night, which is awesome and he's super chill.  He's totally cool with us putting in him his bouncer or swing and just hanging out while we get stuff done.  He is a very happy baby, since the beginning he's been smiling at us (and its not gas).  He loves to coo and talk, I try to record it but everytime I get the camera out he stops and just stares at it.  Last week he discovered he can grab his feet, so that's his new thing just holding on to them.  That is when he's not kicking like crazy.  I think that's why his legs aren't getting super chunky because of his constant kicking, haha!  He also takes a pacifier which is amazing!  Its amazing because Roman never took one so if he was fussing there was only one way to calm him down.  Which Dominic, its like here ya go!  Also, in case you don't follow me on Instagram, Dominic is a very big baby.  With Roman it felt like I was carrying a sack of flour, just so heavy and compact but Dominic is long and heavy.  He's too hard to hold with one arm, always have to use both.  Last checkup a couple weeks ago he weighed in at 14.5 lbs and 25 inches long.  So he's coming right along.  He's already trying to rollover, he's does a half turn onto his side.  He needs to slow it on down.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment with this baby since we are 99.9% sure we aren't having anymore (I say 99.9% because nothing is 100% in life).

So Mr. Roman is almost 2 years old! Yikes!  He is just a ball of energy.  If we don't make him take a nap he'll just go go go.  And when I say go, I mean go! AND FAST!  When we go out we usually keep him in the stroller or if we are doing a lot of walking he has a bear backpack leash.  Now I see some people judging us and giving us looks but they don't know.  I want to say, hey do you want to chase him through a crowded sidewalk or into a busy intersection?  When we are at home he knows not to cross the street and to hold our hands but out in public all bets are off.  He's talking a lot more, he still does mainly gibberish but he's very expressive and gestures a lot so we usually can figure out if he wants something.  He understands everything we say, if we tell him to get something or throw something away he knows exactly what we are saying.  His new favorite thing to say is "Did ya poop?" which sometimes sounds like "Ze poop?".  So anytime someone passes gas he'll ask, "Did ya poop?".  Its hilarious.  He says, book, shoe, stuck, yuck, jet, more, done, mom, stick, daddy, zeta and a host of other words which I can't think of right now.  His new favorite fruit is watermelon and he still loves beans and rice.  Broccoli is hit or miss with him now.  We are trying to get Roman out there to experience new things.  He loves the beach but isn't so sure about the ocean yet. He's perfectly content to sit and play in the sand.  He likes the pool but it takes him a few minutes to warm up to the idea.  I took him to a splash pad the other week and I had to physically put him in the middle in order for him to try it out and not be scared.  We went to a baseball game and he did not like the fireworks at the end one bit.  He held onto Mike and kept his head buried.  On the other hand, he loves flying.  We just went to Chicago and he was like whatever no big deal.  I took him on the kids train at the mall and he thought it was a hoot.  Choo choo as he calls it.  Meetings are still a struggle, he's slightly better but still likes to cause a ruckus.  He's a work in progress but we love him to the moon and back, our little munchkin. 

So that about brings you up to date on the Regina household.  Hope everyone else had a great summer, so until next time here's some photos to hold you over.
At the beach, riding the choo choo and face off with Micah, lol

Service with daddy, checking out the jets

Dominic's motto "I love to sleep"

Happy baby and fireworks don't scare him

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