Saturday, January 7, 2012

what's new

So since we've been back from Argentina we've had a couple mini-trips. We took a day trip to Asheville, NC. Its only 2 hours away so not a bad drive. We had lunch at the Beer Garden and took the trolley around town. We were looking forward to having some bbq in Chimney Rock at Duncan's but unfortunately it was closed. Next time! Two weeks later we went to Pennsylvania to visit Mike's sister and her family and bring them their suitcase full of gifts from Argentina :) The drive, even though it was 2 hours longer than before, wasn't that bad. We left at night and with no traffic it was great! Been hunkering down and working since we've been back. Went to day one of the circuit assembly from our old Durham circuit it was so nice seeing everyone. Then going out to eat like old times. I'm super psyched we are all having the same district this year, hooray! The next trip is in a few weeks, going for a quick weekend to Vegas for my lil' Dolores' graduation party. Should be fun, can't wait. Then back to saving $ for the cruise in April. Argh after that we really need to stay put and pay some bills down. That's our goal for 2012 :)

Losing a Pet

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