Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My big boy is 2!

Wow, just wow! I can not believe Roman is two.  I distinctly remember being excited and giddy to meet him when I was pregnant.  Those first few months just drinking him in and enjoying every minute.  Then I blinked and he was one and we were expecting another baby.  I blinked again and he was two.  Now that he is two, he is learning new things every day and testing his boundaries.  His vocabulary is growing even though he is perfectly content to hold a conversation in gibberish.  At night before bed he'll sit on your lap and just "talk" about stuff.  I'm not sure if he is telling me about his day or that he is scared of the boogeyman because he keeps pointing at the door.  Either way, its super cute.  Also, some nights after we put him to bed we can hear him talking to himself.  Its not right away either, it'll be 30 minutes later.  Last night he was talking and singing for almost an hour before he fell asleep.  I had to record him so I don't forget.  Here's a sample from last night.

Roman understands us when we are talking to him.  When he's done eating we tell him to pick up the food he threw on the floor and he'll pick it up and throw it in the trash.  If we ask him if he is hungry he'll say "eat" and point to the table.  Or if he's not hungry he just shakes his head and keeps playing.  When he's thirsty he says "choose" for juice.  Not be confused with "shoes" when he wants to go out.  He says "cook" for cookies.  Umm, what else, "chess" for cheese.  He says "fruit" well.  I can't remember how he says milk but he does say it.  He calls Leela, "La" and Dominic "babeee".  He also loves giving his brother a kiss on the forehead or giving him his paci or a blanket.  He's good about giving us big, sloppy kisses as well.  He loves to say "buh bye".  Even when he is throwing his diaper in the trash he'll tell it "buh bye".  Oh and like I mentioned the other week on Facebook, he says "no" and "mine".  Usually combined, "no, mine".  haha!  It sounds so cute in his little voice. 

But its not all roses.  Sometimes he tests are patience with his independent streak.  You tell him not to do something and he gives you a look and does it anyways.  Kinda like this cat

At the meetings he doesn't want to sit still for nothing.  So if you see us at the meeting and he's sitting on the floor playing with his books, please don't judge us.  We just need a break. We are trying.  Some days are better and he'll be good and sit there or fall asleep.  Those are the best days.  haha!  We'll get there eventually.  Parents with older kids constantly tell us that'll pass.

But even when he's being stubborn or falling out cause he didn't get his way, I wouldn't change it for the world.  When he came into our life, my heart grew by loving this little human.  I look forward to our journey and just taking it one day at a time.

Love you little man.

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