Monday, June 24, 2013

quick update

So I wasn't going to post the pictures of the 3D/4D ultrasound but Mike wants me to put them up.  I think these are the best two.  Little guy was being stubborn and had his hands in front of his face most of the time.  At one point he was using both hands to hold his foot and suck his big toe.  Needless to say we didn't get too many good shots.  So what do you think?  I think he is definitely a good combination of me and Mike.  Can't wait to meet the little guy in 13 weeks!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

just call me a liar

So a day after I post that I don't really feel the baby move he decides to start thumping around in my belly.  What really got him moving last night was when I was lying in bed and had the laptop on my lap.  Why this would bother him I don't know, maybe the clacking noise of typing on it?  Whatever the case he was bumping along in there.  But when my cat Naya decided to walk across my belly and lay down he was perfectly still.  Must be an animal lover that kid.  Then this morning same thing, little thumps and bumps and now he's painfully lodged in the upper part of my belly.  I pushed a little to get him to move and he responded by kicking me and staying in the exact same position.  Someone has a stubborn streak just like me, we like getting things our way ;)
Also, some friends of ours had recommended for us to watch The Business of Being Born.  So now of course after watching that I'm thinking maybe birth centers with midwives are better. All kinds of confused over here.  So long story short I'm not going to say anymore I'm definitely doing this or not doing that cause who knows until that time comes.  In the meantime we are going to tour both a hospital and birth center and ask my ob some questions.  Hopefully I can make a decision before d-day.  And I'm not excluding Mike from the decision (in case you were wondering why I didn't say we make a decision) but he says its entirely up to me and whatever I decide feels right he will support it.  He just hopes he doesn't pass out when the whole thing goes down :)
With that I leave you with these two cute items I found today while perusing the net. 
Labor and Delivery Gown
Much cuter than that gross hospital gown, blech!  Sold by Pretty Pushers.
And this adorable giraffe pacifier in one.  I need one of these (and he'll probably hate it).

Monday, June 10, 2013

six months...

I literally almost typed seven months.  Don't know what I'm thinking :p  So officially over half way there.  Can't believe I'm already at six months and showing big time.  Not that there would be any doubt of that since I've been told since a young age (mid teens) I have birthing hips.  Seriously, who tells a teenager that?  Umm let's see what's going on this month?  Swollen feet, check!  Weight gain, check! Baby kicking up a storm, no check.  I know, every one is different and some people just feel the baby moving and kicking and rolling a lot sooner than others, but I thought by now I would be feeling substantial movement.  When people ask, I just say yes I do feel SOME movement, mainly in my  lower abdomen still, and he honestly feels like a worm.  That's how I could best describe it, no punches or kicks just a worm moving across my belly.  More like the guys in the black, because he's slow and deliberate about it, not all jerky crazy like the guy in the front.
Sometimes a polite tap on the upper right quadrant like he's asking permission to change position.  Now last week he did jab me in my rib cage, but he must have been having a night terror or something, haha!  Anyways, nothing really new to report.  No we haven't started on the nursery yet.  I do have an idea on how I want it decorated, its just a matter of moving stuff out of the guest room, selling some furniture and painting.  I still have time right, 3 months give or take a few weeks.  I have a feeling he's going to be born and sleeping with Leela at night because the nursery still won't be finished, j/k.  The main question I get asked from people (besides is the baby moving) do you have a name picked out.  Ok, here's the low down, we do have a favorite name and a couple other top contenders but we are not deciding on one name until he's born.  That's our personal decision so please stop asking, have you picked a name yet because even if we do decide on one before birth we aren't giving it up. You'll meet the little guy in a few months anyways.  We just call him baby boy for now.  Please don't be offended. 

On another topic I pre-registered at the hospital where we will be having the baby.  It was pretty cool, all online and everything.  We have a tour scheduled for the end of July.  I still haven't registered for birth class yet, but I know it will be sometime in August.  I have been reading various mommy blogs and a few mentioned the benefits of a birthing center.  So I looked more into them and what that involved.  There is one rather close to us in South Carolina.  But after reading the birth stories (which are supposed to be encouraging) and testimonials I've decided hospital is the way for me.  Just a personal decision.  Don't get me wrong, I plan on going as natural as possible without any drugs but if at some point I need the big needle or other complications arise I just feel better being at the hospital.  So that's all for now, next month I'll have some more updates.  I have my glucose test in two weeks, here's to hoping its negative, we have our 3D ultrasound scheduled for the end of this month and a good friend of ours will be taking our maternity photos in the end of June.  All in all it will be a busy next few weeks. 
I leave you with this lovely parting shot.  I had a cute one where I was smiling but I just like this one better :)

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