Monday, June 16, 2014

Eight and a half months

Here we are at almost nine months!  My little baby is growing fast!  I thought time moved fast when you hit thirty, well it revs up to warp speed when you have a kid.  Little man is growing right before our eyes.  I just bought him some shoes a month or two ago and he has outgrown them and moved up two sizes, plus he's more comfortable in 12 month clothes, sometimes even 18 month pants fit better depending on the brand.  I'm still trying to squeeze some life out of his 9 month onsies though, lol!  I don't know how much he weighs because we haven't been back to the doctor since he was 6 months.  At that time he was 21 pounds, so on July 1st we find out how much he weighs (because ppl ask ALL the time).

Now that he has been crawling for over a month he can really pick up some speed.  Sometimes when he really wants to go he does this weird crawl on his hands and feet, he doesn't even use his knees.  He's pulling up on everything and I mean everything.  He pulled over his exersaucer on top of him, the side table too.  The exersaucer was kinda funny cause it was all slow mo and he looked around like, why is this on top of me?  If we are in the kitchen he'll crawl over and pull himself up using our pants or just grabbing our legs.  He likes to cruise around the edge of the couch, checking things out and grabbing for the remote.  Sometimes he sneaks up on the cats and grabs a tail or a handful of fur.  They are really good about it, they cry until they can break free, no scratching or biting at him.  He loves when we walk him around the house.  He can walk just holding one of our hands for a couple steps, he's wobbly but getting better at it.  I know once he walks there will be no stopping him.  He will be into everything.

As far as food goes, he's still nursing but eating 2 to 3 meals of food a day.  He likes fruit better than vegetables, big surprise there, ha!  Or it could be he just doesn't like pureed veggies.  He's real funny about texture.  For example, mashed bananas, he hates it.  Give it to him in chunks and he loves it.  Same with avocado and green beans.  So sometimes I give him pieces of my broccoli or squash and he loves it.  And of course he enjoys meat as if there would be any doubt since he is 1/2 argentine ;)  And what will definitely help him in his food consumption is his first tooth!  I finally felt one tooth yesterday.  Which would explain the extreme crankiness, crying all night that was going on last week, sheesh!  He is quite the healthy eater and hopefully won't be too picky when he gets older.  And if he is getting fussy you can always pop a cheerio in his mouth ;)

So little munchkin, you keep on growing and we will keep on enjoying every second of it.  Even all the crying, late nights we have with you.  Because those other moments when you lay your head on our leg or shoulder and sigh contentedly or you clap your hands from happiness or laugh at your mommy dancing for you or daddy belly flopping on the bed are so worth it.

Into everything, literally

Big boi on the move

With family and friends (btw little Olivia is 3 months older than Roman)

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