Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PA trip in photos

Vacations go by too fast. Back to work tomorrow, back to reality. Also back to exercising. I'm a little porker right now, oink oink. Anyways I'll start the pics out with my first day there. Saw the family first of course. I can't believe how quickly Patricia is moving around, last time I saw her she was crawling around, now she's walking full tilt :)

Thursday we went bike riding on the D&L Trail along Lehigh Canal.  We only did a small portion of the trail from Easton to Bethlehem, about 33 miles roundtrip.  It was very scenic.  It thunderstormed a bit but we waited it out under a bridge. 

Thursday night we went to Musikfest.  Mike has been telling me about it since we met so it was nice to finally see what it was all about.  Kinda reminded me of the NC state fair except no rides and lots more music.  Saw a few good bands, enjoyed some good brews and watching interesting ppl.

Friday we didn't do that much, ran some errands, it rained a lot.  I had an upset tummy from all that greasy food I had been eating.  That night we saw Total Recall.  It was actually pretty good.

Saturday morning I watched the baby so Analia and Dan could go in service. That afternoon me and Analia had our nails done and had some girl time.  Fun times.  Sunday was the big bbq blowout.  It was nice to see old friends and make new ones.

Monday we were supposed to come straight home but we decided to stop at the Yuengling Brewery for a free tour and free beer samples ;) by the time we left Pottsville (name of the town, I'm not making it up) it was already 4.  As we were about to pass Hershey PA, Mike said lets go to Hershey Park.  I was like, welllll then he called them and after 5:00 tix are only $20 a person.  So you can't argue with those prices.  We went on at least 5 roller coasters, honestly I lost count but it was really fun.  And of course we rode their newest roller coaster, SkyRush, so much fun!  So now, its Tuesday night and tomorrow is work, so all good things must come to an end.  Till our next vacay :)  

Crazy parade walkers at Musikfest

Wish I knew their name, they were really good

Matias' dad cooking the meat

We made it finally!

Enjoying our free samples

Look at that adorable face :)

The start of our ride, passing a small dam

A nice swampy area

Forgot the historical significance

The old steel mill in Bethlehem

Watiting out the storm

Friday, August 10, 2012

pa trip '12

I've only been in pa for one full day but we did alot yesterday. Took lots of pics too ;) went on a really nice bike ride and then came home and showered up and went to Musikfest. That was pretty cool, lots of bands, food and beer. I could only drink one 24oz beer I don't know how ppl can drink more than that. Was starving when we got there so ate the first thing I saw, chicken tenders. Best ever haha! Also managed to find some perogies but they always fry them up here instead of boiling them but beggars can't be choosers. Here's some picsand I'll let u know how the rest of the trip goes. We should be going to the yuengling factory today :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

half a year down

Wow, really its been that long since I last updated my blog. For some reason its hard to keep up with the blog. So much easier nowadays to put up a quick status update on Facebook. Not to mention that hardly anyone reads blogs anymore so its turning to an archaic form of communication. But for the few people out there who still blog I'll bring you up to speed. So the last update was from January, since then I went to Vegas at the end of January for my little cousin Dolores' graduation party. Here are some highlights.
Well that's the only picture I like.  That's my little cousin, so pretty.

Now on to our next big adventure, which was the cruise in April. It took forever to get here and then that week flew by. Literally! All of sudden we were in Miami and next thing I knew we were out at sea visiting different islands, having a blast and then we were back in Miami. I was like "what just happened here?" lol! So this first one was when we first got on the ship, Mike got his Long Island Tea and I had my margarita (I'll be honest, ship drinks aren't that great and rather pricey, its better to get them on the islands and save your money on the ship).  
That night the ship photographers take a million photos of our group eating dinner. I liked the pirate picture but didn't want to pay for it so took a picture of the picture with my camera. haha! so bad.
Moving on. This cracked me up on St. Thomas. Remember folks, whenever you slip and fall, be sure to fall with "jazz hands". lol!
This is where we went snorkeling in St. John. Absolutely beautiful. We took a catamaran out there it was so much fun.
Enjoying our champagne/rum punch after our snorkeling adventure. Not sure what number that was that I had in this picture, one tends to loose count after awhile :p
Every night at dinner the waiters did a song and dance for us. Our waiter, Antonio (the flamboyant fella in the mariachi sleeves), always made us get up and dance. He was so much fun. I miss him.
And finally our group picture. We had a blast!
After the cruise not too much has been going on. I can't seem to get back on my diet and exercise routine. I feel like quite the porker lately. I tried going to the gym last week, made it one day then was sick the rest of the week. So I have high hopes for this week. The weekend before last I was back in my old stomping grounds of Durham. Got to see old friends and family. Its nice getting that recharge.
So back to reality for now. Working and looking for work. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, just not the loooooong hours and the low pay. So looking to get back into the corporate world and plop my big butt back at a desk. In the meantime, we are planning a small trip to visit mike's sister in PA in August or if that falls through maybe a camping trip to the mountains. And I will try to be better about updating my blog ;) Till we meet again

Saturday, January 7, 2012

what's new

So since we've been back from Argentina we've had a couple mini-trips. We took a day trip to Asheville, NC. Its only 2 hours away so not a bad drive. We had lunch at the Beer Garden and took the trolley around town. We were looking forward to having some bbq in Chimney Rock at Duncan's but unfortunately it was closed. Next time! Two weeks later we went to Pennsylvania to visit Mike's sister and her family and bring them their suitcase full of gifts from Argentina :) The drive, even though it was 2 hours longer than before, wasn't that bad. We left at night and with no traffic it was great! Been hunkering down and working since we've been back. Went to day one of the circuit assembly from our old Durham circuit it was so nice seeing everyone. Then going out to eat like old times. I'm super psyched we are all having the same district this year, hooray! The next trip is in a few weeks, going for a quick weekend to Vegas for my lil' Dolores' graduation party. Should be fun, can't wait. Then back to saving $ for the cruise in April. Argh after that we really need to stay put and pay some bills down. That's our goal for 2012 :)

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