Thursday, July 18, 2013

seven and a half

So I have been really slack and haven't updated the blog in a while.  I am now at 30 weeks!  Eek!  Only 10 to go, give or take a couple weeks.  I had all these things I wanted to talk about but I'm so tired right now I can't remember what they were :p  We had our assembly the other week and it was fantabulous :)  We split it up since I had to work one Friday.  So we went to Saturday and Sunday first.  I really enjoyed Saturday, Sunday I don't remember much because I was soooooooo uncomfortable.  The following week was Friday's session and that was by far my favorite, I loved all the experiences, demonstrations and the mini drama.  I thought it was better than Sunday's drama.

Baby is a growing away in mah tummy.  According to Baby Bump he's about 2.75 pounds and the size of a head of cabbage, umm ok. 
kinda looks like the Little Shop of Horrors plant
He bumps and rolls around in there, giving me belly massages.  Every  now and then I see or feel my belly rumble, its a funny feeling.  Some people say they can tell when their baby is on one side or the other, but not this kid.  He loves to chill right in the middle so my belly always looks the same.  A few weeks ago I think I had braxton hicks contractions but haven't had any since.  Back pain comes and goes, depends on how long and how I'm sitting at work.  The worst, though, is the pain I get in my pelvis.  Sometimes when I stand up, I just stand there bent over until the pain goes away enough so I can hobble/wobble to wherever I'm going. I get it anytime now, if I walk too much I get the pain plus a sharp shooting pain on my left side which pretty much slows me down to the speed of a snail.  So walking doesn't necessarily make it go away.   Its just something I have to deal with for a couple more months.  What else, mmmm, oh my emotions are OOC (out of control).  I cried, literally boo-hood because I got tomato sauce on my dress while I was making dinner the other night.  Or I can turn around and bite your head off for no other reason than asking me to repeat myself again and look out if you give me a reason.  So pretty much anything sets me off these days.  I miss being even-keeled.  Things never used to get to me, but now, well.  My road irritation in the morning and afternoon with traffic has gone up ten notches.  Mike was driving one day and this lady cut him off, I totally leaned over and blew the horn at her, I mean I laid on it, lol!  I sure am making this pregnancy gig sound fun, aren't I? But according to my Baby Bump app it says "As your due date approaches, it's a common and very normal time to feel more emotional than usual." So its good to know I'm following the guidelines ;)  People tell me the further I get along in the pregnancy the less hungry I'll be, hmph.  I'm still hungry all the time.  Maybe once he gets so big and there's no room in there but for now I'm all
But that's about it, only 10 weeks to go.  I'll give another update in a couple/few weeks, maybe by then we will have actually done something to the nursery.  I'm a procrastinator to the bone so I do everything last minute.  I didn't take my usual belly shot this month because I keep forgetting.  However I have this shot from July 6th before we went to the assembly and its in the bathroom, so this will have to do.  Till next time :)

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