Tuesday, October 27, 2009

day of flying

Mike wants to guest blog so here he his,
So here we are in mexico city and completely tired. We have been up since 3 am today 10-27-09 and flown on 2 flights so far and not in argentina yet. this is crazy to me cuz i love to fly but this is way too much. we have about 2 hours until our flight departs to argentina which is expected to be about 10hours long. with that being said we are very excited to get out of these clothes woo hoo and take a shower (tomorrow) and go straight to bed (for ever) haha, we are very excited to explore buenos aires and i cant wait to see my family and the friends in cordoba. we will try to keep this blog posted as much as possible and we both look forward to seeing everyone back in the good old USA. take care yall

Sunday, October 25, 2009

last day in NC

We have been packing all week it seems. We are taking 3 massive suitcases one carryone and a small toiletry bag. In all fairness only one of the massive suitcases is ours the other two are for the brothers and friends down there. Just so you get an idea of what we are taking here are some photos.
The suitcase in the middle is ours the two on the end are full of clothes and gifts.

This is our carryon bag and the toiletry bag that is getting checked.

I can't believe this is it. We are finally going. Woohoo! And tomorrow when we are in NY we are going to Brooklyn Bethel and having lunch there. I'm excited haven't had lunch there since I was a little girl. Anyhoo next time I write to my blog we'll either be in Mexico or Buenos Aires.
Our kitty thought she could sneak on with us, heehee!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well a week from today we'll be on the plane right now flying to mexico city. Can't believe it has been over 3 months since we bought our tix for Argentina. Its coming up real fast and I feel like we have so much stuff left to do. When we're down there I will try to update the blog every couple of days so my avid readers can see where we are and what we are doing. Our plan is to spend Wednesday 28th - Sunday Nov. 1 in Buenos Aires. Then flying to Cordoba and staying there from Monday 2nd - Thursday 5th. Thursday we are renting a car and driving out to the campo to visit friends of Mike's from when he lived out there. Monday 9th we fly back to Buenos Aires and spend the day with friends. Then that night board the plane and begin the long journey home. We land back in NYC on Tuesday 10th at 4:40 pm. Needless to say we will be wiped out.

trips, trips and more trips

So its been a while since I've posted my going ons. Me and Mike had a good time at the wedding in Pennsylvania back in September. I took lots of pics but my fave picture was of the bride, I LUV her dress.

So after the weekend in PA the next weekend flew out to Vegas for my little cuz's graduation party. Had a good time hanging out with family, going to the strip, and of course the party!
this was at the swap meet in vegas

enjoying some drinks and shots at the mgm grand

at red rocks casino private vip bowling alley for grad party

being silly at the valley of fire

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