Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 month shenanigans

Well we had a busy month.  We went to Pennsylvania to visit Mike's sister and her family.  We hadn't seen them since Roman was a week old.  It was nice to see how the cousins are getting bigger and doing a lot more.  Roman and Donald don't quite interact yet besides putting their hands in each others face and Roman not sharing his toys.  Donald would grab one of Roman's toys and Roman would drop whatever he had and reach over and grab the toy from Donald.  Donald is a good sport though and just moved on :)  We will have to work on sharing.  And of course Patricia just wanted to hug Roman all the time, lol!    We visited with Mike's childhood friend Joe and his family.  Its fun, everywhere we go there are babies :)  Even though it was a week before our anniversary, we celebrated by going to Emeril's Chophouse at the Sands Casino.  I had been dying to go there since it opened a few years ago.  It totally lived up to my expectations, the steak was AMAZING!  It was nice being out just the two of us.  We spent time with the family on Sunday and Monday we went sight seeing in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Roman updates this month, he feels heavier.  But that's nothing new, lol!  We don't have another doctor visit till July, so I'm just guessing he weighs more.  He's been eating rice cereal and various fruits and veggies.  He seems to prefer veggies most of the time, but I'm sure that will change as he gets bigger.  I really think he knows mama means me, because whenever he is upset or wants me he starts saying "mama mama mama".  He says dada too but I'm not sure if he knows that's Mike or if he just likes saying dada.  Last Monday, May 5th, he started crawling.  He had been trying for over a week before that.  He would get on all fours and scoot backwards but he didn't have forward movement till the 5th.  Now that he's mobile, there's no stopping him.  If you want him to move fast put either a dog dish or a shoe in front of him.  Those are his favorite things to go after.  And of course electrical cords.  What is it with kids and cords?  The other day he got the laptop cord wrapped all around him.  I don't even know how he did that.  So needless to say we have started baby proofing the house.  Had to get a gate for the stairs and start locking things down.  Not only is he crawling but he stands too.  He'll grab the windowsill, side of the couch or his crib, cat tower, really anything and pull himself up and cruise along a bit until he loses his balance and falls on his butt.  So fun times ahead.  I can't believe in 7 months how much he has changed.  Every day my baby is disappearing and he's looking more and more like a little boy.  If we can just slow down time that would be perfect.  So till next time!

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