Friday, April 19, 2013

goodbye grandma

I know I haven't really talked about it but my grandma tomczak has been battling with gallbladder cancer.  My aunt called me last month saying that the cancer had returned and had spread.  Since my grandma is in her late 80's she wasn't a candidate for chemo.  It would be too much for her.  Me and Mike were able to go up a few weeks ago and spend the afternoon with her.  I am glad I had that opportunity.  We didn't talk much just sat with her.  She knew I was pregnant and was so excited to be a great grandma.  I am thankful for that time.  She lost the battle last night and fell into the deep sleep known as death.  I am glad she is no longer suffering.  I look forward to the time when death will be no more and our loved ones will be resurrected and we can see them again.  She will be missed,  I love you grandma.

Friday, April 12, 2013

four months

Alrighty then, we have now reached our four month mark or 16 weeks.  Changes, I am now hungry all the time.  Before I would be hungry but not like starving now I want to eat all things and when I'm eating I feel like this

But isn't this how we all feel when we eat?  On another note its so nice to finally have energy again.  I was getting really bummed out coming home and just laying on a couch like a sloth.  Even though I have more energy I'm not channeling it into exercising, I'm using it to make delicious dinners hehehe! Last week at 15 weeks I officially started showing.  Not just looking chubby but being very obvious that I'm pregnant.  Which is nice, I like that feeling.  I had the first person just randomly come up and touch my belly at the Kingdom Hall.  I was ok with it though because she didn't let her hand linger or rub, she just tapped my belly like, oh look your belly popped out, and kept right on moving. I can deal with that, any caressing or longer than 2 seconds and I'm like umm excuse me?  I'm trying to think of things to do when its really big and random strangers try to touch it.  I'm not sure how I'm going to react.  Time will tell.  Really not much going on at this point, I'm sure my 5 month post will be more interesting because we will know what we are having and I should be feeling the baby moving at that point.  I'm loving my new wardrobe btw, my mom was very nice and took me shopping.  She probably was just sick of seeing me with my pants unbuttoned and butt crack showing all the time lol!  I didn't realize how hard it would be to find some good pregnancy skirts though.  I can find tons of dresses but I would like a cute pencil skirt.  Well I should rephrase that, I did find some nice ones but I'm not spending $50+ dollars on one skirt :p  Oh and in other news, I traded my lovely red, sporty Mazda6 in for a momobile, a mazda5 microvan :(  You may say, they are only having 1 kid why they getting a van?  Well my friends, we like to take trips and its usually not just me and mike but also my mom and the dogs.  That gets kinda squishy in a sedan especially with a 50lb dog and short of putting the dogs on top of the car that just wouldn't work.  I wanted to be cool and get an SUV but I just refused to pay SUV prices.  Even used SUV's were expensive.  So we ended up getting a graphite gray 2009 Mazda5.  Its nice and we like it.  So anyhoo, that's all I can think of right now, till next time take care! 
4 months and showing ;)

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