Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seis meses

The little guy has been with us for half a year already!  Can't believe it!  He had his 6 month check up the other day.  He's coming right along.  Weighs 21.12 pounds (might as well say 21 1/2 :p).  We thought for sure he was going to come in at 25 lbs.  When she told me that, I was like are you sure? lol!  He's a perfectly healthy little booger.  Doctor said he's good to go on eating solids.  Now I asked her about the difference between pureed baby foods and doing baby led weaning.  She said either is fine, but the nice thing about baby led weaning is the baby can get used to the different textures of food.  If any of you moms out there have experience with either let me know.  Pros and cons.

So far, he's had carrots, broccoli, sweet potato and avocado.  I guess I've been doing the baby led weaning because I haven't pureed a thing :p  He also loves to drink water from his sippy cup.  I tell you, he wants to be grown already.  Whenever he wakes up from his naps he looks around and then tries to get down (if we are holding him) and I ask him "Where are you going?  You know you can't walk or crawl yet, right?".  His biggest feat, he finally figured out how to roll over.  He flings his arm over and eventually the rest of his body follows.  He also likes to try and practice standing.  If we are laying on the bed he'll roll over and grab our legs and try to pull up.  Let's see what else, bath time is a lot of fun.  He takes a bath in the tub now, because he did not fit in the baby tub anymore.  He sits there and splashes around, grabs his toys and chews on them.  And I finally did it, he's now sleeping in his crib.  Mind you, he outgrew his bassinet at 4 months.  So for the past two months he's been sleeping with us.  I finally had to admit, even though I love having him with us, he was getting too big.  Trying to sleep with his feet in my back, no fun.  He transitioned awesome.  I mean he still doesn't sleep through the night, but he only wakes up once or twice and he sleeps a lot longer in the mornings.  I think he's more comfortable too.  Speaking of sleeping through the night, all the advice I see online and from the doctor says "Your baby should be sleeping through the night now, they no longer need night time feedings." Umm yeah, you try telling that to Roman.  If you try to get him back to sleep without a feeding its not happening :p Lies and deception haha!

He's talking up a storm and finds it hilarious when I dance for him and when we make funny faces or noises.  He's growing fast and we are just trying to keep up.  I was holding him the other day and couldn't believe how big he is, he fills up my arms.  I think that's the latest with him.  I feel like I'm forgetting something, hmm.  We are off to see the family in PA in a couple weeks so we will have some cousin pictures coming soon! :)  Till next time!

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