Friday, November 18, 2011

Argentina album

View Album - Argentina Trip 2011 If you have a couple hours to kill enjoy my 500+ photos :)

Videos de Argentina

So here we are back to the real world and back to work.  I finally finished uploading all the pictures and videos.  As soon as I'm done putting titles on the pictures I'll include a link to them.  As for the videos I'm putting them on here.  The first is from Cordoba at the Artesian Market they have every weekend, some "flamenco" dancers putting on a little show.

The next video is from the tango show we went to in Buenos Aires.  Sorry I didn't record the whole thing I thought they were done but then they danced for another two minutes.  At least you get the idea :)

 And last but not least saludos from the familia in Cordoba.  I have two more videos of the family but I didn't have the correct setting on my camera so they came out silent.  You can view them on my youtube channel though if you like

Well, that's it from Argentina.  Seems so long ago.  Till next time, ciao!

Friday, November 11, 2011


   So you probably wonder what we have been up to for the past week.  Saturday night we did go to the tango show.  We had to arrive early at 7:30 and I thought that was weird.  The reason being was because a tango lesson was included before dinner.  haha! Mike thought I did that on purpose but I really didn´t.  After our lesson we had dinner and then the show started at 10:30.  One forgets that Argentine tango is different from regular tango.  Alot more footwork and very intimate.  Here´s the best pic I have from the show.  Its hard to get a good picture.  Looks a lot better on the video I took.

 On Sunday we flew back to Cordoba and had lunch with Mike´s dad´s side of the family.  tio Orlando made us pollo al disco, I think that´s what its called.  Basically chicken soup cooked on the grill.  It was good but it was soooo hot on Sunday it was hard to eat alot of it.  Here´s one of the pics I have of the family. 
 After we left there we drove to Alta Gracia and first stop was to see Lukas and Paula.  Their new place is so cute.  I´m glad they have more room so the boys can run around.  After that we went and checked in at our b&b.  Here´s the front of it.
 I absolutley love staying here.  The owner, Sylvia, treats us so well and makes sure we are very comfy.  I told her my shoulder was hurting so on Monday she had her massage therapist come over and I had a massage at night on the patio.  It was very relaxing.  I actually fell asleep. haha!  Monday we spent sightseeing around town.  We went to the Che Gueverra musuem and did some shopping and eating, of course.  Tuesday we packed up and headed to Mendoza.  Along the way we stopped at Villa General Belgrano and did some quick sightseeing.  I must say in this pic its upsetting my head actually fits this cartoon cutout :p
 On our drive to Mendoza we hit a massive dust storm called a ´´viento zona´´.  There was also some lovely volcanic ash mixed in from the eruption in Chile.
 We arrived in Mendoza at night and there were no lights because the storm knocked down a bunch of trees so it was interesting trying to find the place we were staying.  The next day we rented some bikes from the owner and went wine tasting.  We hit up three wineries.  We would have gone to another but we rode right past it and didnt even notice, I think it was a good thing we didnt go, what do you think haha!  Here is the view of the Andes from one of the wineries.  It was a shame we were so close and couldn´t go.  It was another four hour drive to get there and we just couldn´t squeeze it in. 
 Mike enjoying his wine from Tempus Alba.  We also ate lunch here, Mike had a delicious steak and me and my mom had a too die for hamburger, it had prosciutto and an egg, delish with 6 french fries.  I asked for extra and they said they couldn´t do that. Really? You can´t put 6 more fries in the fryer.  Whateves, it was still good.
 The next day we went to a couple more wineries.  The first was called Trivento and their wine was gooooood and really strong.  Those are the only bottles we bought.  We went to another winery but it was too early for a tour so we went to the only beer garden in Mendoza for lunch.  Yes Eddie, I found beer in wine country hahah!  It was a refreshing break from all the wine and the way they decorated was a stitch!
 After that we went to the last winery which was okay, lot of history and very fancy but I didn´t care for the wine.  By that point I think I was tired of wine :)
That night the owner of where we were staying made us an asado.  It was actually quite good.  We had dinner with the other couple staying there from Holland.  They sure have traveled alot, we have to catch up.  Today we drove back to Cordoba and right now we are getting ready to go to tia Rosa´s house for our last asadaso.  I´m working up an appetite just thinking about it.  Okay tomorrow we leave bright and early (hopefully) for Santiago and then to Atlanta.  Here´s to hoping we make all our standby flights.  Ciao!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sorry I´ve been MIA.  Its been a hectic few days.  Tuesday we did go hiking in the Condor Park.  It was just as pretty as I remember it.  Unfortunatley we didn´t see any condors, sad face.  We got back that night and went to tia Rosa´s house to visit with her daughter Carla.  Wednesday we got up and went back to tia Rosa´s to see tia Pepa.  That was nice to meet Mike´s other aunt.  That afternoon we flew to Buenos Aires and got to the family Russo´s house around 7ish.  The next day we went to the airport to pick up my mom.  So weird seeing her down here in Argentina. heehee!  That day we went to el Caminito in la boca and did touristy stuff and later went for the tour of La Bombonera, I think I´m spelling that right.  Its where Argentina´s most famous soccer team, Boca Juniors, plays.  That evening we went to the meeting.  It was nice catching up with some old friends.  That evening I started not feeling well but we were already making plans to go to Uruguay.  That´s right folks, Uruguay.  Its right across the river =) so got up at the buttcrack of dawn and took the buquebus, or ferry, to Colonia.  From there we took the micro, bus, to Montevideo and met up with Bruno´s brother Leo.  He took us all over city central and I was so exhausted at the point and feeling really crappy.  I think I have the flu.  Got to his house and I went to bed.  Felt bad went all the way there and I couldn´t really socialize.  We had dinner and this morning got up early again to come back to Buenos Aires.  I´m feeling a little bit better today but still not 100%.  Got back to the house and took a long nap.  My being sick ruined our plans for today, we were going to take the big red tourist bus and go all over Buenos Aires and later shop at Calle Florida.  I feel bad because my mom is missing out but I´m just too weak and still a bit feverish.  So I´m resting till tonight because we have plans to go to a tango show and I´m not missing that for nothing.  Then tomorrow back to Cordoba.  Sorry there are no pics with this post but I think I´m going to go lay down again, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date.  Maybe next time I take an international trip I won´t get sick, this is starting to get annoying.

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