Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Pictures

I luv old family photos. My uncles and grandma Martinez were recently here visiting from California. My uncle Henry was going through some old family albums and had me scan some to send to him and I sent them to myself as well (since I don't have any of these picture). I thought I would post a few and share some old memories :)
This was from a picnic prob at Yosemite, that's my mom and g'pa Martinez

My dad being a mack daddy ha!

(L-R) Cousin Veronica, Connie and Me

My uncle Henry's children, Rebecca, Daniel, Veronica and me

The oldest kids, Gloria, Vince and my mom

My great grandma and maybe my mom or Gloria

I <3 this picture, the eldest siblings with the younger ones. My mom is holding Nancy's hands, Lydia is looking off camera and Vince is trying to get Henry to look at the camera :)

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