Monday, February 25, 2013


So for the most part I haven't felt too terrible during this pregnancy.  I don't have morning sickness.  I get the gas something fierce haha! But that really isn't anything too new for me heehee.  The worst part is after I eat lunch and dinner I have nausea.  Just a general feeling of yuckiness.  I can't vomit I just feel like I need too.  I eat saltine crackers, they help a little bit.  The other day I drank a sprite, that helped alot, I burped it up.  My mom gave me some fizzy stuff yesterday, that actually worked pretty good.  I need to steal it from her ;) They say after the first trimester the sickness goes away and I really hope so because its not fun at all.  I feel sorry for women who get really sick.  Otherwise everything else seems to be progressing along.  I have a small, miniscule baby bump that looks like a fat roll :)  I go in Thursday for my full baby workup, blood work and all.  Till next time.
Taken on Friday, little over two months.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


So ever since we first found out I was pregnant I started having weird dreams.  And very vivid too!  I would have thought they were real if it hadn't been for the absurdness of them.  They have sort of tapered off the past few weeks but I had another crazy one last night.  I was on a cruise ship but we weren't on the ocean, we were in some kind of marshy, swamp area.  I was on the top deck trying to get to the bottom and saw an old friend of mine, Jamie.  I can't remember if we talked I just remember her being on the top deck.  So I finally make it to the bottom because I have to start work.  I'm at Duke now in the basement in Literature program but it looks like the Atkins library here at UNCC.  My old boss, Tim, says "hi Vanessa glad your back." The phone starts ringing and I'm trying to help this person locate a visiting scholar so I put them on hold.  Meanwhile a student is pestering me about something and another phone line starts ringing.  I'm trying to look through the notes that Cristin left and I finally find out what happened to the scholar and get that person off the phone.  Then its five o'clock and I say bye to my coworkers (who are my old coworkers from Banfield).  Then my alarm went off and I woke up.  How is that for randomness?

On another note, since I'm back working in an office I'll be able to update my blog more often and keep everyone posted on baby news.  So right now I'm at 9 weeks 2 days.  Haven't really had too many symptoms, the past couple weeks I was feeling nauseous after eating lunch and dinner.  Just queasy on my stomach.  That feeling has subsided this week so doing pretty good.  I don't have any good tummy shots right now, I just look chubby, lol!  Anyways, till next time :)   

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