Thursday, May 16, 2013

five months

Sorry for the delay.  I'm actually 21 weeks now :)  We had our last doctor visit on April 29th.  Found out we are having a boy.  I really wanted a girl so it was hard for me to be enthusiastic when the u/s technician told us.  I believe my exact words were "Oh. Ok." Terrible I know.  Even though I knew in my heart it was a boy the whole time, I just had a feeling but I was holding out hope till the end that it would be a girl. heehee!  That's ok though I'm warming up to the idea.  And all the moms tell me that I'm going to love having a boy.  They are so much easier and little boys love their moms.  So now I'm on the hunt for super cool boy outfits and hats!  He will be sporting all kinds of cool fedoras and newsboy caps ;)  Still not feeling a whole lot of movement but I am quite the pudge so probably can't feel it through my blubber.  People say "oh it feels like gas or bubbles".  I'm thinking that's not very helpful because I have gas all the time.  Poor Mike, I was already kinda gasey before but now its like times a hundred. Saw this on a blog yesterday and it just cracked me up because I'm pretty sure this is how he feels.
Anyhoo, we had a baby shower this past Sunday in Durham hosted by the proud grandma to be, my mom :)  I know its kinda early but this summer is just going to be so hectic this was really the best time.  So nice seeing our friends and they are so happy and supportive.  We really appreciate it.  There was also some dancing and after doing a very intense merengue with my bestie I had this crazy cramp in my stomach.  So I'm telling mom #2 (Sharon) about it and she says "its prob the baby, is it moving a bit?" I'm like "I dunno, you feel".  So she puts her hand on my stomach and she says "Yes that's the baby, its waving, you can't feel that?" But I can't feel it moving I'm just like dang this cramp hurts. lol!  When he starts doing some actual karate chops in my stomach and kicking me hardcore I'll feel it then.  I'm just slow on the whole feel the baby thing.

I'm still not having cravings for any food in particular.  I am avoiding big, juicy hamburgers and guacamole like the plague because they totally gross me out.  Also peanut butter makes me sick.  Like upset stomach sick.  Speaking more of my stomach, I don't have the most common pregnancy problem, constipation.  Which I guess I should be grateful for but I have the exact opposite.  Never gone the bathroom so much in my life.  I'm like really, again? I just went, arghhh!  What other gross problems am I having that I can share, body odor would be one.  I had to change deodorant and also I have smelly feet.  Never had smelly feet before in my life, always so proud of that fact.  Well no more.  Let's see, any other changes.  Ummm, dryness on my face is getting better, but still have the splotchy skin so wearing foundation every day for coverage.  Oh this may be TMI and if you don't want to read just skip to the next paragraph of the blog but along with a bigger chest comes the problem of having high beams on all the time.  I was in the bathroom the other day at work and looked in the mirror and was like OMG this is so embarrassing!  So now wearing double shirts, keeping my hair down, crossing my arms. ugh! What a pain.

Also having some back pain off and on but nothing I can't handle.  Still sleeping pretty well at night, occasionally I do wake up to go the bathroom and can't go back to sleep.  Its not because I'm uncomfortable but my brain just won't shut down.  I think that's about it.  People ask how you feel?  I feel fine besides a few annoyances I'm not having any major issues.  So I am grateful for a relatively smooth pregnancy so far.  Now that I've put that in writing I'm sure these last 4 months are going to be heinous.  Here's my latest glamour shot. 
Starting to show just a bit, whatcha think :p haha!  Till next month!

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