Thursday, January 23, 2014


The munchkin has been teething for the past month or so.  It comes and goes the pain.  Some days he's fine other days he just cries and cries and wants to be held with his fingers glued to his mouth.  Last night was one of those nights.  I really need to buy the teething tablets Katie mentioned, its just that Whole Foods is wayyyyy on the other side of town, literally almost an hour drive to get there :p  Charlotte is too stinkin big.  But I digress.  So last night he would fall asleep, wake up an hour later crying and want to be held and fall back asleep.  He did this till about four and then just woke up for good.  So I'm sitting in the glider in the nursery and he's on my lap and he looks up at me and give me the biggest smile and coos and it makes all the tiredness go away.  Melts my heart.  Love him so.  I can't wait to get off work and go see him. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three and half months

So here we are a month and a half later.  Little guy is growing and growing fast.  I feel cheated sometimes I didn't get to enjoy a teeny baby but the important thing is that he is healthy.  The little chunk loves to eat, obviously.  He doesn't fit in his 3 month old clothes anymore, some of his 3-6 month old clothes fit but he's most comfortable in the 6 month old clothes.  They are a little loose but its better than him busting out of the snaps in the others, ha!  The past week or two he's started laughing.  Not just a half laugh but true baby giggles.  He's also started grasping and holding on to things.  Its funny though, he has this little monkey toy and it makes him laugh and he tries to grab it then he gets all frustrated because he can't quite make his hands do what he wants them too and he starts crying.  It cracks me up, I know I shouldn't laugh but its kinda funny.  He recognizes us and follows me or Mike when we walk around the room.  He gets so happy when Mike comes home from work at night, big ol' smile on his face.

We went up to Durham over the winter break to see family and friends.  Some of them hadn't met Roman yet so that was fun.  He was real cranky towards the end of the trip and we couldn't figure out why.  Well when we got home we realized he is teething.  He has a molar coming in on the bottom back right.  This little guy is determined to grow up asap.  My mom bought his a teething mesh thingie and we bought some baby orajel.  But his favorite thing to help with the teething is sucking his fingers.  So whatever keeps him from crying I'm fine with that.

He's still sleeping in his bassinet/rock n'play in our bedroom but I'm thinking he probably should be in his crib.  Starting to look squished in there.  I think I'm just in denial.  Its weird too how his sleeping pattern changes up, right when I think I have him figured out.  He was going to sleep around 11/12 at night, waking up once in the night and then little catnaps all day.  Now he's going to sleep around 1:30 am, sleeping all night till 9:30 then two long naps from 11-1 and 3-6 and maybe a ten second nap around 10 to make us think he's going down for the night and he's like, psych! I'm still up.  Its only been for the past few days and I'm sure he'll change it up again to keep us on our toes. 

Well I think that's all that is going on for now.  I'm working part time, 2 1/2 days a week, with  my mom watching the baby on Mon/Weds and our good friend watching him for half a day on Thursdays.  Its working out really well.  I don't think I could take being away from him more than that.  We are going to California next month so my family out there can meet the baby.  Hopefully sometime this spring I can make it up to Indiana so my Grandpa Tomczak can see the baby, I know he would really like that.  Plus Mike wants to go to PA in April so I would say thats a busy spring planned.  Till next time.

I love the look on his face during the bathtime photo, he's like "really mom, really?"

Looking like a little cowboy in his carseat

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