Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow, snow, snow

So I have seen quite a bit of snow the past month and a half. So this post will be of the snow in Boston (for Gala's wedding), snow in Indiana (visiting the g'parents) and snow here in D-town! To start here's some pics from Gala's wedding
The ol' gang: Iliana, Heydi, Gala, me, Roni

Me & Dionne at Sam Adams Brewery, good times :)

Digging our car out of the snow (10+ inches)

After a big breakfast with dad & g'parents (I look full ha)

Now that's an icicle!

Our apartment complex 2nd day after the snow

Leela snuffling everything

I luv the snow :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

travelin' fool

So I was supposed to bring my camera in to work today and upload pictures from recent trips. But did I remember to do that? Nooooo. Oh well so just a blurb about what's been new with me. In December went to Boston for a friends wedding. It was fun made it a girl's weekend. Lemme just say the drive to Boston is killer. Hitting traffic in DC and NY not fun at all. Also, I think 95 just may be the boring-ist highway ever! Last weekend went to Indiana to see the grandparents. It was nice going with just my dad, had some father-daughter time :) Glad I went up. I haven't been there since I was 17/18 years old and haven't seen my g'parents in almost two years, so defin time. On the way back home stopped in TN to see my Aunt Tina. Nice family time. Now back home and planning my next trip. One of my good friends is getting married in April in Mexico. I luv the heads up she gave all of us. Anyhoo trying to figure out finances and travel arrangements. Looks to be a good time though. Till next time, Happy travels!

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