Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost December...

Well November sort of blew by, didn't it?  Honestly if you ask me what I've done so far this month I couldn't tell ya.  Probably snuggling with my babies, taking them outside to enjoy Jehovah's creation, and watching lots of Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  All of us know how to do the hot dog dance.

The boys keep on growing.  Roman's vocabulary is growing but the only new words I can think of right now are "saucy" for sausage (he has to have his sausage every morning), "wawee" for water, "mickey", "toys", and "Buzz" from Toy Story.  He has so much energy.  Even this past week with a cold he keeps right on going.  We went to a congregation gathering the other week and Roman was all over the place.  Playing with the balls, running around the yard, rolling down the family's garden embankment (at least there was one other little boy rolling down the hill too so I didn't feel so bad).  People kept telling me "He's all boy" and then give this knowing look.  I'm like yep, but what I think they were really saying, "Are you going to get a hold of your kid, he's all over the place."  But hey, guess what, he's two and not hurting anyone, just running around having fun.  And not to burst their bubble, but I was the exact same way at two.  Did people used to tell my mom, "She's all girl."  I doubt it.  I don't know that just annoyed me after awhile.  But I digress.  I'm taking the boys to a music class in a couple weeks.  Its for ages 0-7 years.  Roman really has a musical interest so I don't want him to lose that curiosity.  He takes my dad's guitar and likes to strum the strings.  And I know I've said it before, but we are going to try potty training again next week.  We are all off for the whole week so I think this will be the best time.  Course if it proves too traumatic we'll just wait till another time.  Roman does let us know when he's gone the bathroom in his diaper its just a matter of making him go in the toilet.  Fun Fun!

Dominic is growing right along.  He'll be 5 months on Sunday!  Just insane.  He's very aware of his surroundings, he likes to grab his teething toys and put them in his mouth.  He's an expert roller now as well.  No more leaving him on the bed by himself.  If I sit him down, he'll sit for a few seconds then usually falls forward.  He's also taking naps in the crib so that means I will be moving him into his crib full time.  Sad but I'll finally be able to rollover in bed again instead of lying there like a log all night.  When he was born he had a head tilt to the right from being squished in my womb.  We've been doing exercises and its a little better but his doctor recommended him to get Physical Therapy.  He'll be starting at the end of the month.  And he definitely has "mamitis", he'll be fussing with Mike or my mom and as soon as I get him he's perfectly happy.  He's going to be mama's boy because Roman could seriously care less about me sometimes.  I'll be leaving and he's all "bye" Felicia.  Course I wonder where he got that from, probably me, ha!

So that's a little update on our family.  Next month my sister in law is coming down with the kids for a week so that'll be fun.  That is if we don't all go crazy with 4 kids under 5 in the house. Till next time, ya'll have a Hot Dog Day!

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