Monday, February 1, 2016

One month down

We are already in February.  Seriously, where did January go?  Boo.  So I've been meaning to post something but I can't think of anything to write.  I don't want to bore my loyal readers with our day to day life.  For me it may be exciting but I'm not sure everyone shares my excitement.  Its just the same old thing going on over here.  Maybe I'm in a writing funk.  I read other blogs and they have funny quips and silly stories.  Or perhaps useful advice.  Sometimes I do think of useful things I could tell others but I forget to write them down.  Having mommy brain doesn't help either :p   Sounding like Debbie Downer over here.

With that being said, I'll get you up to speed on our going ons.  Roman is saying more words and sometimes a sentence or two.  Cutest thing are he calls the moon, "moop" and boat "bop".  And if you ask how old he is, he says "TWO!!" and holds up one finger.  Can't get that other finger up.  Dominic is crawling all over the place now.  Just like Roman he is fascinated by the dog's water bowl.  Never seen a kid crawl so fast to splash in some water for a few seconds before we take it away.  Poor dogs and cat, they are so thirsty all day. Trying to get Roman to be nice to his brother.  Sometimes he's gentle with him and gives him a kiss and then other times he runs over him with his dump truck.  Seriously kid?  He definitely is showing some jealousy because Dominic does take a lot of my attention.  So I'm trying to make sure I spend time with Roman and get down and play with him as well.  Dominic is eating solids now.  He eats alot!  Even though Roman was way chunkier as a baby, I don't remember him being so hungry all the time.  Roman's favorite cartoons are still Toy Story, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Masha and the Bear.  He likes other cartoons as well but those are in his top three that he asks for consistently.

For a follow up on my last post regarding Roman's sleeping habits. It hasn't really improved.  If we want him to sleep in his room, I have to sit in the glider and wait for him to fall asleep in his bed.  If I leave before he's asleep he gets up and comes to our room.  Sometimes he falls asleep in 10  or 15 minutes, but I've sat in there for up to an hour on multiple nights.  He's not playing either, he's just laying in his bed, but he'll pop his head up and look to make sure I'm still there.  Even when he does fall asleep in his room he usually wake between 4-6 and comes to our room and gets in our bed.  At least we have the baby sleeping in his crib all night so there is room in the bed.  I figure at this rate by the time Roman finally stays in his room all night Dominic will be the one coming in our room.  Hooray for us! Haha!

This should be a pretty busy month for us, we have Circuit Overseer visit this week and next week we are going to the Circuit Assembly in Salisbury.  I feel like there is something going on in the latter half of the month but I can't remember right now.

So that's our life right now in a few paragraphs.  With that I leave you with these photos and videos :)

Being adorable at all times

Serious boy who loves to eat and play (He's eating a costilla)

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