Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That Ms. Leela to you

So my husband said I could get a kitty. Even though he is a dog person and is slightly allergic to cats. We saw one we liked but the lady decided not to give it to us (mean lady). Then a couple days after that we are driving down a road and our friend sees a sign for free puppies. She of course is reading this out loud and my hubby hears her. He said turn around lets go see. I'm reluctant, knowing how much work it is to take care of a dog compared to taking care of kitty (hence why i'm a cat person, plus they are so squishable, fluffy, aloof). So twenty minutes later we left with this cute little girl.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, it was taken with my cellphone.
Even though I'm not a dog person Leela is so sweet and cute. She's very obedient, we already have her trained not to come in the bedroom. She sits there looking at you going, why not? In case you are wondering about her name, I'm a Futurama fan. But not to worry cat lovers, the husband promised to get me a kitty in the spring, hooray! Then we'll have a nice little brood.


eddie said...

It's Turunga Leela! haha! very cool. You two have an expanding family. So, when will we be having a little mik-nessa running around? hehehe, j/k.

cr99ist03in said...

ZOMG! She is sooooo cute!! And girl goggies are easier than boy goggies cuz they don't hike their legs on everything taller than an inch. Yay! She is a sweetiepie:)

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